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Why Is There A Dryer Sheet In Your Mailbox? – Here’s What’s Snappenin’


Mail carriers smell snuggle fresh for safety reasons



It’s well-known in the postal community that dryer sheets help keep nasty pests from living in cozy places like mailboxes. A wasp hiding in a mailbox is very angry. The dryer sheet in your mailbox is used for preventative measures. So if you see a nest forming, do your postal worker a favor and get rid of the wasps with a dryer sheet.

Why Does This Work?

Wasps typically dislike very aromatic things like eucalyptus, citronella and even cloves, the main ingredient in this wasp repellent. Because dryer sheets are meant to thoroughly freshen up our clothes, it makes sense that their scents would be incredibly strong. It’s probably why wasps dislike them so much!

Just remember to switch out the dryer sheet every so often so the scent stays fresh and strong. Your postal worker will thank you!