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Who Is Clumsier Men or Women? – Here’s What’s Snappenin’


What Are The Names Of The Clumsiest Americans?

And Who Is Clumsier, Men or Women?

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A personal injury law firm conducted some research on the names belonging to the clumsiest people around the U.S.

The data determined the most accident-prone names Are:

 Joshua and Angela.

The list was ranked based on how frequently people with those names submitted claims for personal injuries,

(Car accidents weren’t included as part of the study.)

Men are nearly a third clumsier than women overall,

The personal injury law firm broke down the five most common accident-prone names for men.

 Eric, Brian, Noah, Christopher & Joshua.

For women, the top five clumsiest names were:

Helen, Louisa, Daisy, Karen & Angela.