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What Was Life Like The Last Time The Bengals Won A Playoff Game – Here’s What’s Snappenin’


The Cincinnati Bengals have not won a playoff game since the 1990 season. Which got us thinking… what exactly was the world like the last time the Bengals found postseason success?

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The last time the Bengals won a playoff game…

-“Hold On” by Wilson Phillips was #1 on the Billboard charts.

“Can’t Touch This” Came out in early 1990

-1990 was Chris Farley’s first year on SNL

-The Simpsons just completed it’s first season.

-Operation Desert Storm, Began

Jan 9 Baseball officially bans Pete Rose from being elected to Hall of Fame for betting on baseball

It was the Boomer Esiason, Ickey Woods Bengals Era

  • 1990: Wild card round: Jan. 6, 1991 in Cincinnati: Bengals 41, Houston Oilers 14 (Our Last Win)
  • 1990: Division round: Jan. 13, 1991 in Los Angeles: L.A. Raiders 20, Bengals 10
  • Super Bowl XXV: New York Giants vs. Buffalo Bills Score: 20-19

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