What Is An Essential Business?

Nonessential Businesses Ordered To Close in Response to Coronavirus

The order takes effect at 11:59 p.m. Tonight.

The list of businesses that can continue to operate include:

-Food production and distribution
-Super markets, farmers markets, convenience stores and other places that sell groceries
-Charitable and social services
-Gas stations
-Liquor stores and distributors
-Auto supply and repair shops
-Bicycle supply and repair shops
-Financial and insurance institutions, including money lenders and pawn shops
-Hardware and supply stores that sell electrical, plumbing and heating equipment
-Critical trades such as plumbers, electricians, and HVAC services
-Laundromats and other laundry services
-Businesses that sell supplies to work from home
-Mail and delivery services
-Computer and electronics supplies
-Transportation services
-Hotels and motels
-Critical infrastructure
-Home-based care services
-Legal and accounting services
-Agriculture, including food and licensed marijuana
-Religious entities
-Labor unions
-Real estate services, including appraisals
-Gun stores

DeWine has already ordered several sectors close in response to the spread of the COVID-19 coronavirus, including barber shops, nail salons and tattoo parlors. Bars and restaurants are still allowed to provide carryout and delivery services.

“Each of the businesses that are allowed to stay open must follow good protocol, good guidelines, in regard to health,” DeWine said.

Those requirements, as outline in the order, are:

-Designating six-foot distances between workers with signage, tape or any other means
-Making hand sanitizer and sanitizing products readily available to both customers and employees
-Requiring separate hours for vulnerable populations, including the elderly
-Online posting about hours of operations and how to contact the business by phone or other means

“For the businesses that are staying open, you really need to follow this,” DeWine said. “This is just really, really important that you follow this.”

It does not include:

-Grocery stores
-General merchandise stores, including warehouse clubs and supercenters
-Pet and pet supply stores
-Gas stations
-Automotive parts and repair
-Auto, truck and van rental
-Liquor stores
-Veterinary offices
-Drug stores
-Specialty food stores
-Meat markets
-Fish and seafood markets
-Fruit and vegetable markets