Weight A Minute: Workplace Temptations

Date: 3/16/17

Weight: Down 105

DISCLAIMER: I’m not a nutritionist or an expert. My advice is based on my own weight loss experience.

Resisting temptations while at work is HARD! Whether it be free snacks or offers to grab food you know will derail your diet. Rule number one is to be prepared!

Just in the past few days, here’s some of the free food left in the kitchen here at the radio station:

Yeeeaaahhhh…that’s hard to resist!

But being prepared helps a lot! And a lot of that is having the right snacks around, so you don’t get so hungry that you give in.

Fresh veggies and fruit is a given, but not always the most filling on their own.

A big snack go to of mine is cottage cheese. High in protein and filling! Plus, it’s good on it’s own and with fruit! I love it with pepper.

Hummus is another great option to go with your veggies. I prefer to make my own, that way I know what’s going into it. You can get lots of great recipes on Pinterest.

I also love almond butter. But, you gotta make sure you portion it! It’s easy to pack in a ton of calories. I personally like to make my own almond butter as well because it’s cheaper. I buy almonds in the bulk section, then just toss them into a food processor until they’re ground into butter (takes about 15 minutes or so). Then I stick it in a mason jar and use it for weeks! Almond butter and an apple is yummy, and keeps you full.

Hard boiled eggs are a good snack and protein source. I just sprinkle salt and pepper on mine, but it’s also good with avocado to make egg salad without the mayo.

Plain greek yogurt with fruit tossed in a Magic Bullet/Blender is also good. But be careful with flavored yogurts, there’s a ton of sugar in there!

A protein shake is also a good go-to of mine. Finding one you like can be challenging. I personally like Bodylogix.

But the most important thing is finding something you look forward to eating. I really dig my cottage cheese. So, when a massive tray of nachos shows up, I know I can hold off, because I got a snack I look forward to coming my way.

Also when staring at all the unhealthy foods, I know it will taste amazing in the moment. But ultimately, it will make me feel like garbage mentally. It’s really hard work eating right and exercising regularly, so why would I throw all that away for something that’s not really worth it?

I’m not saying you should never give in and eat some of the foods you crave. You absolutely should in moderation. But the trick is limiting yourself to the treats you want on YOUR terms…not just when it shows up in front of you. If you have to start making excuses for why you should eat it or how you “earned it” or it “won’t hurt much this time”…then you know you might have entered some bad territory. The point of getting healthier is for you to feel good…physically and mentally. Stop and think about that before you grab for the donut. Sometimes you’ll eat it, and sometimes you’ll walk away. But realizing why you’re making your choices is half the battle.

You’re stronger than you think! If you think that you don’t have the will power to say no, I’m willing to bet that you’re wrong. It’s there! Practice makes perfect! WE GOT THIS!