Weight A Minute: What You Can Accomplish in 3 Months

Date: 4/5/17

Weight: Down 108 pounds

I hesitated posting these photos. They’re not really my most flattering pics, but they do show results of 3 solid months of hard work. These were taken post workout in a back room at my gym. Sweaty, bad lighting, no sucking in, just progression photos.

I wanted to share these because it shows how much 3 months, 90 days, can change you. In 2015 I gained some weight back and needed a reboot. In the past 3 months I really buckled down and ate super clean and worked out 6 days a week, and here are my results…

Since 1/1/17:

-Down 31.5 pounds

-Down 30 inches total

-Down 9% body fat

And here’s a list of some of my obstacles since 1/1/17…

-A knee injury that affects my exercise

-2 colds

-A trip to Nashville

-A trip to Phoenix

-Superbowl party

-A week in Illinois for a funeral

-Staff lunches

-New artist lunches

-Client lunches

-A dinner party

-Heart Ball

-My husband keeping the house stocked with junk food

-3 menstrual cycles (ladies, you understand the struggle)

-Constant stream of free food at work

-Peer pressure

-Random daily stressors (I’m a total stress eater)

We all have plenty of excuses of why we can’t workout or eat correctly. And sometimes it really is unavoidable. But, a lot of times if you put in the work and tune into your will power you can stay on track.

I have said “no” a lot in 2017, but I have zero regrets. I am currently in the best shape of my life, and I feel great, and proud of myself. Eating cookies at a staff lunch can never beat that….ever.

I spent so much of my life saying “I can’t” …and really, I just wasn’t motivated to. But…3 months, 90 days! Look what is possible!

The time is going to pass anyway. How will you spend it?

And here’s a before pic for reference & a photo taken this morning…