Weight a Minute: Support

Date: 12/11/17

Weight: Down 117 pounds

In the past week I’ve seen a LOT of posts on Facebook about people gearing up for their New Years resolution to get healthier. I think this is totally awesome! December can be such a hard month, it’s usually just completely submitting to all the deliciously bad for you the season has to offer, then worrying about it in January…or it’s trying to get ahead of yourself and trying to make as many healthy choices as possible so January isn’t as painful.

I’m for sure part of the camp trying to make the healthiest choices possible this month, but that hasn’t always been the case. Even last year a indulged a LOT more than I should have then hoping on the scale on January 1st wasn’t so much fun.

So, if you have a healthier lifestyle on your mind, I think a very important tool is to have a great support system. I unfortunately didn’t have a group of people going through the same struggles as me during the beginning of my weight loss journey…but I think it would have been incredibly helpful. So, I hope I can be that resource for someone who needs it. I’m very thankful to have people like Jesse and our trainers at the gym (pictured is Tes, me, & Jesse) that I can ask a million questions to and can share my daily struggles with. Jesse and I chat about the gym and our diet literally every day. It’s great motivation and it’s nice to have someone to bounce ideas off of.

Whether you have a personal friend, family member, or an online group of people…I think having someone to share your journey with is really helpful. You for sure are not doing this alone!!

I’m also going to do my best to be a part of your support system. So please don’t hesitate to ask a question or say hi! Of course I have this blog…I also have my Instagram, but starting in January I have some new things coming that I’m really excited about! So stay tuned for that!

If you got a healthy New Years resolution on your mind, assemble your crew! We’re gonna crush it!