Weight a Minute: Failure

I’m a failure. I’ve failed over and over and over again. But without that failure, I wouldn’t have any of the successes I’ve had.

Before when I’ve dieted I did well for a short period of time…3 months. 6 months, etc. But then I’d fail. I’d slowly go back to my old bad habits and then hate myself for failing. But what I know now is that I needed those failures to learn how to succeed. Failing taught me a lot about myself and what won’t work for me personally. So much of adopting a healthy lifestyle is knowing yourself, and every day is an opportunity to learn something new.

I learned that I can’t “diet”…a diet sets me up for failure. I get in my head that I have to eat a certain way, and the moment I don’t, I’m done for. “Well, I ate these donuts for breakfast, what’s the point in trying to eat healthy the rest of the day?” Then the next day I’d be like “Well, I can’t throw away these leftovers, I’ll just have another “bad” day and start again on Monday” …then never would. I’d get derailed so fast because I felt so deprived that when I did eat something I was craving I’d go bananas. So, I’ve learned that if I want to eat something…go ahead and do it…just get back to the healthy choices the next meal. It’s not the end of the world.

I learned that I have trigger foods. There are certain foods I can’t help myself, I binge them. Like pizza, cheese balls, mashed potatoes, and bread. Seems like a simple lesson, but it’s taken me years to learn how to handle it better. That doesn’t mean I don’t allow myself these foods, but it means that I limit them and know I have a very hard time if they’re in the house. I know my self control is really weak with these foods and eating whole pizzas several times a week not only makes me feel physically bad, but mentally bad.

I learned that I need to find the right way to exercise. I’ve wasted a LOT of money on gym memberships that I never used…except maybe a few times. All good intentions, but I just hated going, so I never went. I’d find every excuse every day not to go. So I kept trying new things to see what sticks. I tried walking…loved it, got a Fitbit, and stuck to it. I liked learning to run with Couch to 5k, so I stuck with that. I tried crossfit and hated it, so I quit. I tried yoga and hated it, so I stopped going….BUT, I tried it again recently in a new location and really like it, so things are worth retrying again. And I found a gym I really love, and now I actually go out of my way to go there every day. Also, just tried swimming cardio classes. So, just because you tried doing one kind of exercise or one kind of gym and didn’t like it doesn’t mean you’re a total failure and can’t stick to it. You gotta keep trying new things and see what gets you motivated. I failed at going to gyms for over a decade, and now I go 6 days a week. It can happen!

If you’re trying to be healthier this year and fall off the wagon, don’t let that failure break you…let it make you. You’ll be stronger and happier for it. Don’t be afraid to fail!

We got this!

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