Weight A Minute: Bad Days

“You can’t appreciate the good days without the bad ones.” That’s so true. And let me tell you, on a weight loss journey…you’ll have your fair share of bad days. It’s hard. It’s frustrating. But it’s so worth it once you meet your good days.

Today was a bad day for me. At least as far as weight loss goes. Yesterday I was 2 ounces away from my lowest weight ever. TWO OUNCES! Then this morning, I was up 2 pounds for no reason. And then I went to the gym and got measurements done…and pretty much no change after a month of working out 6 days a week. I spent my whole drive home from the gym this morning crying. I took a pic of myself when I got home trying to chill out because it’s real. It’s not a happy before and after pic…it’s a work in progress pic.

I mean, it’s not the end of the world, but when you bust your butt, it stings. My brain tells me it’s just a small setback, look at the big picture. But my emotions tell me I’m a failure. I worked so hard for what? Nothing. I’m never going to reach my goals. What’s the point? Stop working so hard, go ahead and eat that ice cream. …I know that’s not true…but I’ve given in to those feelings many times. I got derailed in the past, then it was so much harder to get back on track.

Being on a weight loss journey is tough. Not every day is a success. Some days you’ll cry. And some days you’ll be so proud of yourself you can’t wait to share your news with everyone around you. From someone who’s been there and who’s living it… Getting past those hard days is what makes it worth it. And if you do give in and eat everything in sight (been there), it’s the dusting yourself off and starting it again that makes you strong.

The bad days suck so hard. But they’re also what make your victory so sweet.

With that in mind, I didn’t give in to my emotions today. I went to a staff lunch and waited to eat until I got my own prepared lunch. I’m currently eating a grapefruit instead of those brownies in the kitchen (they look so good!). And it still kinda sucks. But tomorrow is a new day, and for those of us with goals in mind, we’ll get there…eventually 🙂