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Was Bigfoot Spotted At Lake Cumberland? Here’s What’s Snappenin’


Is Bigfoot Real? We discuss.

-A Pulaski County man is happy to be safe And at home after a scary incident near Lake Cumberland.

-Jared Arnett spotted a Bigfoot in the woods about a week ago.  He took some amazing photographs of the beast.

-He posted: “Look what I Just spotted at Lake Cumberland, not the first time I’ve seen it either. This is real.”

“At first I thought it was a grizzly bear, but once I got a better look at it I realized it was definitely a Sasquatch.”

-The alleged Sasquatch was observed standing on its two hind legs and covered in matted fur throughout its body. Before it slipped back into the woods.

-The Pulaski County Sheriff’s Department is currently examining these photographs,

They are expected to verify their authenticity soon.

This is a developing story.

BUT through my thorough research I have found that the Bigfoot looks exactly like the Sasquatch in pictures taken at East Fork Lake and Stone Lick Park.

…Also, Claims of the same bigfoot were at Table Rock Lake in Missouri.