Million Dollars Worth of Work

Tutor Time Learning Center: B105.1 Million Dollars Worth of Work


Early Childhood Teachers

Job Summary:
The Teacher is responsible for assisting the Lead Teacher in curriculum implementation, classroom
management, and achieving Learning Care Group’s safety vision of “No One Gets Hurt.” The Teacher promotes
the social, physical, and intellectual growth of the children under his/her care and works with the school’s staff
to create an environment of learning and keeps parents informed of the progress of their child.
Job Duties, Tasks and Responsibilities:
1. Assists the Lead Teacher with the implementation of the Company-provided curriculum, which
includes communicating and interpreting, both verbally and in writing, instruction in ten learning
domains, by preparing written, age-appropriate lesson plans on a weekly basis.
2. Assists the Lead Teacher with the development of each weekly, age-appropriate lesson plan tailored to
the different learning levels of each child by visually observing the development of each child;
listening to the verbal feedback from each child during classroom activities; and critically measure how
to formally and informally assess for learning.
3. Interacts with children and models socially-appropriate behavior on the playground and in the
classroom by developing and participating in physical activities that require frequent standing,
kneeling, bending, stooping, and lifting to engage each child.
4. Assists the Lead Teacher in conducting regular a) classroom observations and b) formal and informal
assessments that reflect the age-appropriate interests of children in the Lead Teacher’s classroom.
5. Establishes and maintains a safe and healthy learning environment by a) adhering to all Company
procedures related to injuries and accidents and b) verbally communicating to students, staff, and/or
the Director regarding potential hazards or injuries; c) visually performing safety checklists as assigned;
and d) visually ensuring Face-to-Name is completed and utilized.
6. Communicates, both verbally or in writing, suspected child abuse or neglect to local child protective
agencies or child abuse hotlines as required by law.
7. Employs the regular use of digital technology in the classroom, including the effective use of
BrightWheel and Face-to-Name, which requires the ability to visually identify students.
Job Description
Form Revision Date: October 1, 2018
8. In conjunction with the Lead Teacher, provides daily, written and oral feedback to parents regarding
the social and intellectual development of their child and conducts face-to-face conferences with
parents twice yearly.
9. Attends, in-person, all staff training sessions and meetings at the direction of the school director
10. Treats each child with respect and dignity by recognizing and considering the unique background of
each child, including children with disabilities, special talents and interest, style and pace of learning.
11. Creates and maintains an intellectually stimulating and age-appropriate classroom environment
through creative means, including the display of student artwork and crafts and other documentation
of learning; arranging bulletin boards; and employing digital technology.
12. Regularly opens and closes the assigned classroom in the morning and evening and conducts daily
attendance visually and in writing.
13. Cleans the classroom by sweeping, mopping, vacuuming, cleaning the restroom, sanitizing toys and
surfaces, and disposing of trash.
14. Helps with meal and snack preparation, feeding children, and modeling table manners by sitting with
the children at family style meals.
15. Assists the Lead Teacher in entering assessment data twice monthly by typing or writing the data into
the school database.
16. Participates in QRIS or accreditation goals and performs the associated classroom requirements to
meet those goals, if applicable.

Pay: 12.00+