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Try Eating With Finger Sporks – Here’s What’s Snappenin’


I would like to start out by thanking Snappy Tomato Pizza for being such a cool sponsor.  They let me talk about what ever I want.

It is pretty cool to allow us to talk  about other restaurants in their sponsored break.  Thanks Snappy!

Would You, Could You Eat with “Finger Sporks”?

KFC is rolling out their ‘Side Lovers Meal’, which includes 3 large sides, and each one comes with “KFC Finger Sporks.”

They’re little plastic sporks that fit on the end of your fingers. Listen to our Podcast for the fun:

-Available starting today and while supply’s last. Get your Finger Sporks!

 Here are some other Weird Stuff KFC has made:

-Scented Candle

-Bath Bomb

-Sunscreen, smell like chicken.

-tablecloth shirt

-Double Down Dog.  Chicken wrapped around a hotdog.

-Chizza.  Chicken is the crust.

-Crocs with chicken legs on the toes.

-Fire Log.  Smells like chicken in your fireplace

-“Bucket Bjorn”  To carry around your bucket of chicken like a baby

You can also buy finger sporks on Amazon.

Here is the ad for the promotion: