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The Woman Who Made Millions With Mannequins – Here’s What’s Snappenin’


Roz Edwards owns and operates MANNAKIN, a mannequin rental company in England that provides figures for film and TV sets.

Her interesting life is What’s Snappenin’ today.  Listen to our Podcast for all the fun:

It started with her setting up a website as a retail strategist, and whilst researching She began purchasing and renting them.
Her collection quickly grew and by 2012 I had acquired some 5000 mannequins, She has now 15,000 bodies to rent out.
Edwards is especially proud of one mannequin that Lady Gaga kissed on stage.
Roz has a mountain of extra body parts and will let people fill their trunk with as many as they can in 15 minutes for $69. You can also spend the night in her “mannequin graveyard.”