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The Ohio State’s Brutus & The UC Bearcat were Twin Brothers? – Here’s What’s Snappenin’


When kids do great things, parents naturally want to talk about it. But these Mason parents couldn’t.  And if you saw there fridge you would think Dave and Lee MacKenzie were huge fans of the U.C. Bearcat and The Ohio State Mascot, Brutus. Like pictures covering the fridge from top to bottom kind of fans.

You see There twins Duncan and Charlie were each mascots, Brutus and the Bearcat. Listen to our podcast for all the fun:



Duncan started being Brutus from the start of his college career in 2018.

Duncan was having so much fun his twin brother was inspired to do the same at U.C. At the beginning of this school year Charlie Decided to try-out and got the Bearcat possession.

He wore the suit about 100 times – everything from games to public appearances. And he did it in a banner year: UC football had a fabulous season, finishing in the College Football Playoff.

He’s moving to Chicago for a job to make the most of his business degree. Duncan is going to medical school. No pro mascot plans in the immediate future,

Mom stayed loyal to all her kids, if asked she says they both equally did good jobs.