Taylor Mill Sign Honoring Carly Pearce Has Been Stolen

Carly Pearce Sign

Taylor Mill Police Chief Steve Knauf said the “Welcome To Taylor Mill, Hometown of Country Star Carly Pearce” sign that was on the south end of the city on Pride Parkway disappeared.

We discussed the crime on our Big Dave Show Podcast:



“She was nice enough to take pictures with a lot of the police officers that helped protect her that day. Unfortunately, just yesterday morning, somebody had stolen that sign,” Knauf said.

Someone removed the bolts and ripped it off the metal poles.

“They purposely put it up high so people could see it but also to deter theft. We are thinking it was probably a two-person job,” Knauf said.

The city already replaced it with a second sign that was supposed to go up in the north end of the city.

“We were hurt, especially with the time involved in making this day a special day for her and a special day for the city,” Bell said.

Police have don’t have any leads on who could have taken the sign. They hope someone may have drove past and saw it happen.

“Or, oftentimes, people want to talk about things when they get a nice prized possession like this. Hopefully, maybe somebody said something to somebody,” Knauf said.

Call Taylor Mill Police at 859-581-1192 with any information.