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StattMan’s Super Stats For Sunday’s Big Game – Here’s What’s Snappenin’

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Here are some odd and interesting facts about Sunday’s game

-Eric Church and R&B star Jazmine Sullivan will sing the National Anthem

– Pop star The Weeknd headlines the halftime show

-Grammy Award-winning singer H.E.R. performs “America The Beautiful” prior to kickoff.

-Kick off is at 6:30pm

-Kansas City is mostly in the state of Missouri

-The Game is in Tampa at Raymond James Stadium

-There will be no cannon fire celebrations

-Only 25,000 fans, including 7,500 Healthcare Workers allowed in the stadium

-Chiefs are favored to win by 3 points

-The Mayor of Tampa wagered Craft Beer and Hand-rolled Cigars

-The Mayor of Kansas City wagered their famous BBQ

-Jim ‘Mattress Mack’ bet $3.4 million on Tampa Bay (He lost $3.4 million betting on the Astros in the World Series)

-7 Million Americans will take Monday after the game off.

-Largest viewing audience was 172 million people in 2017 (Patriots beat the Falcons)

-The average 30 second commercial costs around $5,600,000

-The #1 song during Tom Brady’s first Bowl game in 2002 was Alan Jackson “Drive”

-Tom Brady is 43, Patrick Mahomes is 25. Difference of 18 years

-Brady and Mahomes were both 24 when they won their first Bowl game

-Mahomes was 6 when Brady won his first Bowl game

-Youngest QB ever is Ben Roethlisberger age 23.

-Youngest player ever to play was Jamal Lewis, 21. He played for Baltimore

-Brady will be the oldest player ever at 43

-1.38 Billion chicken wings will be consumed

-50 million cases of beer drank

-28 million lbs. of chips

-8 million lbs. of Guacamole

-10 million lbs. of Ribs

-88 million lbs. of cheese

-12.5 million pizzas, most popular being peperoni

-The average American will consume 11,000 calories. 4 1/2 times the recommended daily intake