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Statt-us Update 9/8/20 – Today’s Headlines & More

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Crowds Of 6,000 allowed at 2 home games

California Wildfire Caused By Smoke Device During Gender Reveal Party

Officials say it was caused by a smoke generating pyrotechnic device, used during a gender reveal party. 

Incredibly, this isn’t the first time a gender reveal has caused a multi-million dollar wildfire. In 2017, an Arizona man named Dennis Dickey started a forest fire by shooting at a gender reveal target filled with Tannerite, which is highly explosive. The explosion ignited a wildfire that torched 47,000 acres

Novak Djokovic DQed From US Open After Hitting Line Judge In The Throat

He is such a big baby, man up.  Real pro’s don’t throw tantrums. Novak Djokovic’s time at the US Open is over after he made a dumb mistake while throwing a fit on the tennis court. A frustrated Djokovic casually smacked a ball in anger that went on to hit a line judge in the throat.

Floodwaters Bust Down Doors And Turns This Hospital Into A Raging River

Nike Prepares For Spooky SZN with Freddy Krueger Air Max 95s

Nike Air Max 95 “Freddy Krueger” is Enough to Give You Nightmares…

Posted by Concoridea on Friday, September 4, 2020

‘We just want to help’: Three brothers cleaning up Bond Hill neighborhood