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Statt-us Update 8/26/20 – Today’s Headlines & More


Lucky Charms to sell pouches of just marshmallows

KFC Is Altering Its Famous Slogan Because Lickin’ Your Fingers Is Not A Good Thing To Do During A Pandemic

University Of Alabama Already Has Over 500 New Cases Of COVID

The University of Alabama began its fall semester, with students on campus, on Aug. 19. During the student re-entry process 311 were diagnosed as having COVID-19. Five days later, on Monday, Aug. 24, Alabama reported 531 new confirmed cases of coronavirus in students, faculty and staff.  This report came just six hours after the City of Tuscaloosa announced it would be shutting down all bars and bar service at restaurants for the next two weeks.  Click here for the whole story.

Budweiser is honoring Trevor Bauer with Cincinnati Buds

When Reds Trevor Bauer struck out his 46th batter of the 2020 MLB season on Monday night, he celebrated by miming a beer-chugging motion and drawing the word “Buds” on the ground.  It all started when Bauer responded to a tweet by the official team Twitter account showing that teammate Sonny Gray had set a new team mark for strikeouts in the first five starts of the season with three simple words: “Hold my beer”. Monday night in Milwaukee’s Miller Park, of all places, Bauer delivered on his end of the challenge with an eight-strikeout performance that put his NL-leading strikeout total to 49 and made sure anyone watching knew that the Budweiser social media fun wasn’t far from his mind as he did it.

McDonald’s Is Adding Spicy McNuggets To The Menu

McDonald’s is using cayenne and chili peppers to give its newest offering a kick and the chicken nuggets will debut alongside a new condiment in the form of the Mighty Hot Sauce that will also be added to the condiment lineup.

Woman found alive by Metro Detroit funeral home after being declared dead

Entire Lawrenceburg girl’s soccer team under quarantine after player tests positive for COVID-19

How universities are dealing with college parties, social gatherings and potential virus spread

Tire Hits House at 65 mph