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Statt-us Update 8/17/21 – Today’s Headlines & More


‘Hotel Transylvania 4’ Skipping Theaters

Tiger Woods Hit A Perfect Drive With The Happy Gilmore Swing

Rare Deep-Sea Shapeshifting Whalefish Was Spotted For Just The 18th Time In 34 Years

A Baseball Card Sold For $6.6 Million

Bob Dylan sued for allegedly sexually abusing 12-year-old girl in 1965

Joey Votto Still Bangs

Cubs, Reds to Play in 2022 Field of Dreams Game

Dozens of former players returning for Reds Hall of Fame Legends Game

Team Bench (home white jerseys)

Manager: Johnny Bench

Coaching Staff: Jack Billingham; Leo Cardenas; David Concepcion; Doug Flynn; Cesar Geronimo; and Tony Perez.

Players: Bronson Arroyo; Bret Boone; Tom Browning; Sean Casey; Rawly Eastwick; Wayne Granger; Danny Graves; Chris Heisey; Tom Hume; Brandon Larson; Randy Myers; Joe Oliver; Chris Sabo; Mario Soto; Brett Tomko; Scott Williamson; and Herm Winningham.

Team Larkin (road red jerseys)

Manager: Barry Larkin

Players: Todd Benzinger; Norm Charlton; Rob Dibble; Adam Dunn; Danny Jackson; Corky Miller; Hal Morris; Ron Oester; Ted Power; Pokey Reese; Arthur Rhodes; John Riedling; Jose Rijo; Greg Vaughn; David Weathers; and Dmitri Young.

Game on Friday, August 27 at Great American Ball Park

Sudoku Maker Maki Kaji Passed Away