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Statt-us Update 7/22/20 – Today’s Headlines & More


The Rock’s Recipe For A Tequila-Infused Ice Cream Sundae Looks Amazing

The Ford Mustang Mach-e 1400 Has 1,400-HP, Seven Electric Motors

Jeff Lowe Says Four Trained Dogs All Detected Human Remains During A New Sweep Of Joe Exotic’s Former Zoo

The host of Ghost Adventures recently visited the zoo to film an episode of the show (and take possession of Exotic’s penis pump and Travis Maldonado’s meth pipe for his “Haunted Museum”) only for production to come to a sudden halt when the cadaver dogs he brought with him detected human remains near an alligator pit. However, the police who were called to the scene determined a dead animal had triggered the signal.

Lowe apparently wasn’t convinced and called up the company that supplied the dogs to have them do another sweep and sources told the outlet that four different canines all sensed the presence of remains in the vicinity of the same pit. People close to Exotic chalked up this development to the ashes of multiple people who apparently wanted to be scattered there

Longtime trucker quits job to avoid driving Interstate 75

Yellowstone Debuts A New Funny Social Distancing Sign To Help Visitors

UC doctor: Most masks benefit both wearer and other people

The NFL Might Eliminate Preseason Games Entirely This Year

The real reasons for the coin shortage

*****I usually don’t do political stuff but this one hits us locally and is just crazy.******

Ohio House Speaker, 4 others arrested in connection to a $60 million bribery case