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Statt-us Update 7/14/22 – Today’s Headlines & More

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NBA Thinking of Lowering Age Limit to 18 years old

The NBA’s current age limit to enter the draft is 19 years old, but that could change in the near future. While speaking at his annual news conference following the league’s board of governors meetings in Las Vegas, Silver said he was “hopeful” that the limit would be dropped from 19 to 18 in the league’s next collective bargaining agreement.

Silver said changing the age limit back to 18 was “the right thing to do.” The limit was switched from 18 to 19 in 2005 after many players – including superstars like Kevin Garnett, Kobe Bryant and LeBron James – jumped directly from high school to the league. David Stern, the league’s commissioner at the time, was in favor of raising the age limit to 20 years old, but the players weren’t in favor of it, so 19 was ultimately agreed upon as a compromise.

Patrick Mahomes Presents The Coors Light

Judge Rules Subway Lawsuit Over Disputed Claim Of ‘100% Real Tuna’ Can Move Forward

A judge in California has ruled that Subway can be sued over the restaurant’s claims that the tuna in their sandwiches is “100% real.” Subway has continuously claimed that their tuna is “100% real wild caught tuna,” yet the test results compiled by the Barber Lab at UCLA’s Department of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology said otherwise.  The suit, filed in U.S. District Court for the Northern District of California by plaintiffs Karen Dhanowa and Nilima Amin of Alameda County, claimed that of the 20 tuna samples collected from 20 different Subway restaurants in southern California 19 of them contained “no detectable tuna DNA sequences whatsoever.” That version of the lawsuit was eventually dismissed.  But now, U.S. District Judge Jon Tigar has ruled that Subway can, in fact, be sued by plaintiff Nilima Amin for allegedly deceiving customers about its tuna products including salads, sandwiches and wraps.

Subway responded to the ruling with a statement reiterating that it serves “100% tuna” and that the company is “confident that Subway will prevail when the court has an opportunity to consider all the evidence.”  The restaurant chain also claimed that anything that is not tuna in one of its tuna products may have been the result of cross-contamination by an employee who prepared the item.

Pizza-Flavored Ice Cream Now Exists Thanks To DiGiorno

Kraft opted to hop aboard the condiment-inspired bandwagon the following summer with the release of a mustard dairy concoction, which dropped a week before Oscar Mayer unveiled an ice cream sandwich containing pieces of actual hot dogs.

Digiornio, as Delish reports will producer a limited release ice cream in honor of National Ice Cream Day on July 17th.

The kit you can use to put a cone together at home will only be given away to 20 people, and if you want to be a member of those lucky few, you can throw your hat into the ring here.

Judge Denies Amber Heard’s Request for Mistrial

A Virginia judge on Wednesday rejected an effort by actress Amber Heard to set aside the $10 million judgment awarded against her in favor of her ex-husband, Johnny Depp. Earlier this month, Heard filed a motion seeking to have Depp’s verdict set aside, or have a mistrial declared. Her lawyers cited multiple factors, including an apparent case of mistaken identity with one of the jurors. In a written order, Judge Penney Azcarate rejected all of Heard’s claims and said the juror issue specifically was irrelevant and that Heard can’t show she was prejudiced. “The juror was vetted, sat for the entire jury, deliberated, and reached a verdict. The only evidence before this Court is that this juror and all jurors followed their oaths, the Court’s instructions, and orders. This Court is bound by the competent decision of the jury,” Azcarate wrote. Depp won a defamation suit against Heard last month in a high-profile civil trial. Heard won a smaller, $2 million judgement on a counterclaim she filed against Depp.

Britney Spears’ Car Ran Out of Gas on Los Angeles Freeway

Britney Spears ran out of gas in the middle of one of Los Angeles’ busiest highways this week. Law enforcement got a call at around 10 p.m. on Tuesday for a report about a white Mercedes blocking the third lane southbound on the 101. When the police arrived at the location, witnesses told TMZ they found the pop icon in the backseat of a passerby’s vehicle. Spears reportedly explained to the cops that she ran out of gas while driving and that her car quit in the middle of the hectic highway. After the California Highway Patrol got traffic stopped, an officer was able to get in the driver’s seat of Britney’s Mercedes and steer the vehicle while she sat in the passenger seat. The car was then pushed to safety. The cops also noted the mother-of-two thanked them and said she was OK. The officers reportedly waited with the newlywed until her new husband, Sam Asgahri, came to pick her up in his own vehicle.

Incredibly Rare Lobster Found AT Red Lobster Is Rescued And Named ‘Cheddar’

“There was something obviously very different about one of the lobsters that was shipped to a @RedLobster restaurant in Hollywood, Florida. Turns out, it was a rare one-in-30 million orange colored lobster!

Employees immediately went on a mission to rescue the unique crustacean and Ripley’s Aquarium of Myrtle Beach answered the call, happily welcoming the extraordinary orange lobster, “Cheddar” to her new forever home.

Cheddar joins Ripley’s Aquarium of Myrtle Beach as it celebrates a major milestone – 25 years of welcoming guests, making memories, and promoting an awareness of conservation.”

Hasbro will 3d-print your face on an action figure for $60

The toy maker is teaming up with 3D printing tech company Formlabs to offer action figures with your face on them. The so-called Hasbro Selfie Series(Opens in a new window) is set to launch in the fall and will be accessible exclusively through the Hasbro Pulse mobile app to anyone in the US aged 16 or older.

The app will be used to capture a scan of your face, then character and hair customization options can be tweaked for the design of the figure you want. After that, a “collector-grade, six-inch action figure in their likeness,” is 3D printed and delivered to your door, according to Formlabs(Opens in a new window).

The Munsters First Trailer Is Out

Rob Zombie dropped the first trailer for his film adaptation of The Munsters, and it focuses on the love story between Herman and Lily. The film is set for release sometime later this year.

Today is National Macaroni & Cheese Day

Eat some and smile. Yay Mac And Cheese Day!

Netflix with ads is coming

Netflix said Wednesday that the move is in “very early days” and that the company has “much to work through”. But you’ll soon be able to sign up for a cheaper version of Netflix with ads — though a new option.”

Netflix will partner with Microsoft on this new ad-supported subscription plan, the two companies announced Wednesday.
The partnership follows the surprising announcement in April that Netflix would be open to adding a lower priced ad-supported tier to its service — something its CEO Reed Hastings resisted for years. But the company is going through one of the roughest periods in its 25-year history, after losing subscribers in the first quarter for the first time in more than a decade.
The timing of the ad tier’s launch has not been formally announced, but the New York Times reported in May that Netflix told employees it may come by the end of 2022.