Statt-us Update 6/18/19 – Headlines & More

Here’s a quick way to get caught up on what’s going on in the world. Everyday B-105’s StattMan puts together a collection of news stories that might impact the average person in Cincinnati. In no particular order. Nothing political or to heavy, just good country fun.

The Cincinnati Zoo Welcomed Two Babies

Tessa the giraffe, 12, gave birth to her fourth calf at 2 a.m. Monday morning. “Tessa is our super mom,” curator of mammals at the Cincinnati Zoo Christina Gorsuch said. “She and baby are doing well and bonding behind the scenes at Giraffe Ridge. Kimba [the father] will be reunited with the full group within a week.”  The sex of the calf has not been determined yet.  This is the sixteenth giraffe born at the Cincinnati Zoo since 1889 and the seventeenth is expected to arrive in the fall. Eight-year-old Cece is due to have second calf in November.

In addition to the calf, the zoo welcomed a baby bongo. The critically endangered bongo named Beau was born on Father’s Day.

Florence Freedom Had ‘Dad Bod’ Jerseys 

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4,000 Barrels of Bourbon are Destroyed When Distillery Collapses During Storm

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A section of a 20,000-barrel bourbon warehouse collapsed at O.Z. Tyler Distillery during a thunderstorm shortly after midnight Monday.  Jacob Call, master distiller and operations manager for the distillery, said about 4,000 barrels were in the section of Warehouse H that collapsed.  Each barrel holds roughly 53 gallons of bourbon, but most of the barrels remained intact, Call said.  “We had very minimal spillage,” he said. “Those oak barrels are strong.”