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Statt-us Update 6/10/22 – Today’s Headlines & More

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Two People Fell in Vat of Chocolate at Pennsylvania M&M’s Factory

Two people ended up in one of Roald Dahl’s nightmares—or dreams, depending on one’s tastes—when they fell into a tank of chocolate at the Mars M&M’s factory in Elizabethtown, Pennsylvania, on Thursday afternoon. According to a Lancaster County dispatch, the pair were not injured but required assistance to get out of the waist-high chocolate so a rescue crew was sent to the facility. First responders cut a hole in the tank to help them get out.

Kenny Loggins, ‘Danger Zone’ Singer, Accuses Garth Brooks of Stealing Song

Kenny Loggins is not happy with Garth Brooks.  In 1993, Loggins received a call from guitarist Guy Thomas, who thought Brooks’ 1993 song “Standing Outside the Fire” sounded suspicious like “Conviction of the Heart,” a song Loggins and Thomas wrote in 1991, for the album Leap of Faith. Thomas wanted to sue Brooks immediately. However, Loggins wanted to take a diplomatic approach. He hoped they could “reach an understanding without need for lawyers,” Loggins wrote,

Brooks allegedly admitted to Loggins he copied the song. Loggins thought Brooks would agree to give him and Thomas a cut of the revenue from “Standing Outside the Fire.” The “House at Pooh Corner” signer was wrong.

“Garth didn’t like that idea at all,” Loggins wrote. “His tone grew steely and defensive.” Brooks stopped the talks then, so Loggins and Thomas sued Brooks for $5 million. Brooks allegedly showed up with a guitar to one of the hearings, but the judge stopped him and called Brooks and Thomas into his chambers. When the judge and songwriters emerged, Brooks “was ready to settle,” Loggins wrote.  Loggins did not share more details about the lawsuit, but Brooks publicly admitted to settling the lawsuit. “Afterward, he said publicly something like, ‘Sometimes. you just have to pay to get people off your back,'” Loggins wrote. “I let that one go. I haven’t seen him since.”

Britney Spears, 40, MARRIES Sam Asghari, 28, In LA

Friends including Paris Hilton and Drew Barrymore were in attendance.  Spears first husband attempted to CRASH it – but her estranged dad, mom and sister got snubbed.

Britney Spears and Sam Asghari wed during a star-studded ceremony at the singer’s California home.  Singer, 40, wore custom Versace and walked down the aisle to Elvis Presley’s Can’t Help Falling In Love.  Her parents Jamie and Lynn Spears, sister Jamie-Lynn and children Sean and Jayden didn’t attend the event.  However Madonna, Paris Hilton, Drew Barrymore and designer Donatella Versace were among the guests.  Britney’s ex-husband Jason Alexander attempted to crash the star’s wedding earlier in the day.  Was restrained by event security and later charged with ‘trespassing, vandalism, and two counts of battery’.  Britney and Sam got engaged last September, just two months before her conservatorship was terminated.  She revealed that they were expecting their first child together in April, but suffered a pregnancy loss in May.

Man Breaks Bar Crawl World Record

A man in Wales set a new world record after having a drink at more than 50 bars over the course of a single day.  29-year-old Gareth Murphy can now brag about the certificate he received after officially setting the new mark for “Most Pubs Visited In 24 Hours” earlier this year.

Murphy set out to surpass the 51 watering holes the previous record-holder patronized over the course of a single day back in 2021, and ultimately managed to do exactly that in February over the course of a bar crawl that bought him to 54 different spots in Cardiff (any establishment that’s “licensed to sell alcoholic beverages on the premises” was fair game).  He did it in 12 hours

NASA to form scientific team to study UFOs

NASA said on Thursday it plans to assemble a team of scientists to examine “unidentified aerial phenomena” – commonly termed UFOs – in the latest sign of the seriousness with which the U.S. government is taking the issue.

The U.S. space agency said the focus will be on identifying available data, the best ways to gather future data and how it can use that information to advance scientific understanding of the issue. NASA tapped David Spergel, who formerly headed Princeton University’s astrophysics department, to lead the scientific team and Daniel Evans, a senior researcher in NASA’s Science Mission Directorate, to orchestrate the study.  “Unidentified phenomena in the atmosphere are of interest for both national security and air safety. Establishing which events are natural provides a key first step to identifying or mitigating such phenomena, which aligns with one of NASA’s goals to ensure the safety of aircraft,” NASA said in a news release.

Golf World Upset With New League

 Following the start of the inaugural LIV Golf event near London on yesterday, PGA Tour commissioner Jay Monahan announced that all golfers playing in the breakaway series have been notified that they are suspended and otherwise no longer eligible to participate in PGA Tour tournaments.

Litterbug Who Threw Used Coffee Cups on a Couple’s Yard for 3 Years Finally Apologizes

 For three years, an elderly couple in Lake View, New York, dealt with a bizarre problem: Someone would drive by their house nearly every night and throw a McDonald’s coffee cup on their front lawn. Now, a year after the culprit was caught, the couple finally got the closure they were looking for: a reimbursement of the funds they spent trying to identify him and an apology.

The story of the “great cup caper” grabbed national attention back in April of last year when The Buffalo News reported on Edward and Cheryl Patton’s bizarre plight. Back in 2018, the first incident appeared: a McDonald’s cup flung in the darkness of night from a passing car onto their lawn. From there, the littering escalated to nearly every day, usually with one or two McDonald’s coffee cups and occasionally soggy cigarette butts. The Pattons collected the cups as evidence — ten trash bags with over 300 cups in total — but despite investing in security equipment, they were never able to identify the license plate of the car.

Finally, after appealing to neighbors and the police for help, they caught the litterer in April 2021, and it turned out he had a motive: Larry Pope had worked with Cheryl Patton at Fisher Bus Service, with Patton describing Pope as a “nemesis” since they often butted heads over union issues.

Pope — who was charged with harassment and cited for a traffic infraction for throwing refuse onto a roadway — received probation and community service.  He gave the Pattons restitution of $2,776.47 to cover the money they spent trying to identify his car as well as a written apology.

 Pope’s apology was just four lines long, “I would like to apologize to Mr. and Mrs. Patton for my compulsive behavior of littering. I meant no harm,” as well as, “I’m very remorseful for any problems that I may have caused you or your family. I have learned a valuable lesson for my poor judgment.”

“I think he’s learned his lesson,” Patton added. As for all the cups, Edward told Buffalo News that he still has them, but now that the case is officially closed, he plans on throwing them all away. Or he just might sell them on eBay. “Official crime scene evidence from the great cup caper, you know?” he quipped.

Sriracha Shortage Leaves Bad Taste for Hot Sauce Lovers Mouths

Take a deep breath, Sriracha lovers—trying times may shortly be upon you. Those ubiquitous bottles of the widely beloved hot sauce may soon be in short supply, according to a new message from Huy Fong Foods, which has been a major manufacturer of its own brand of the condiment for decades. The company tells Axios that a chile pepper shortage is “affecting our production supply” of Sriracha, mainly because Mexico, where it gets the bulk of its peppers from, is in the midst of a major drought.

In a letter to customers in mid-April, Huy Fong noted that any orders for its Sriracha sauce and other products submitted after that point won’t be fulfilled until after Labor Day, in the order that the orders are received. The company confirmed to Axios that it hopes to “resume production as normal” in the fall; Axios poked around the internet and found that people are indeed starting to have trouble finding the hot sauce, or are discovering that there are limits to the number of bottles they can pick up.

Consumers aren’t taking the news well, with some hyperbolically calling it the “worst news of the year” and “the end of days,” per Bloomberg. “This is what fear looks like in a sriracha shortage,” one aficionado lamented on Twitter, showing a shopping cart filled with Sriracha bottles. If you’re already going through withdrawal, the Takeout offers a few alternatives to the Huy Fong brand of hot sauce to get you through this tough spot.