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Statt-us Update 5/6/21 – Today’s Headlines & More


‘Cheugy,’ TikTok’s viral new word that’s similar to ‘basic,’ explained

Drunk Chaperones Make Bad Examples

Two school district employees from Athens, Pennsylvania, were arrested in Virginia Beach while chaperoning a senior trip. Social studies teacher Christopher Weldy and Benjamin Gambrell, a learning support staff employee and varsity girls track coach, were charged with being drunk in public and using profanity, apparently when they were supposed to be watching the students. Adding insult to injury, Gambrell also served as the advisor for Students Against Destructive Decisions (SADD), which “envisions a world in which young people make positive decisions that advance their health and safety.”

Loki: Marvel Studios Moves Up Disney+ Series Premiere Date

Tiffany and Co. is releasing its first engagement ring for men

Alright ladies, we are going to expect you to spend at least 2 months of your yearly income on our rings.

Conan O’Brien announces his nightly talk show will end June 24

Votto breaks thumb while at bat

Space-aged wine for sale after spending 14 months on International Space Station