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Statt-us Update 5/31/22 – Today’s Headlines & More

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Mountain Dew to Make Pickle-Flavored Soda This Summer

It seems as if MTN DEW announces new flavors with every changing of the month. Just this week, the soda brand announced the return of MTN DEW Typhoon, a beverage it had ushered into its fault for the past decade. Now, it looks like the Pepsi-owned sodamaker is coming out with one of its most unique flavors yet. As a part of a new marketing campaign surrounding the outdoors this summer, MTN DEW will be testing a pickle-flavored take on the citrus soda with those lucky enough to get their hands on it.

The pickled-flavor DEW is one of six flavors that will be tested at the MTN DEW Outpost, an upcoming marketing activation in the rolling hills of Tennessee. Beginning June 4th, DEW will officially take over the Doe Mountain Recreation Area in eastern Tennessee and transform it into the MTN DEW Outpost, offering a wide range of outdoor activities from scavenger hunts to archery and everything in between. Taste-testing six potential new flavors is also one of the activities DEW officials have planned.

“MTN DEW Outpost honors DEW fans’ bold approach to flavor and outdoor adventure,” MTN DEW chief marketer Pat O’Toole says in a press release. “The mountain projects we’ve funded, along with the variety of activities we’re offering fans, back our commitment to helping nature lovers access more of the great outdoors. In addition to mountain activities we’re hosting, this is the first time we’re offering fans the opportunity to try never-released flavors at the MTN DEW Outpost Flavor Adventure. Fans can sample six new flavors and vote for their favorite, helping MTN DEW decide whether any of these flavors will be released in the future.”

In addition to a pickle flavor, which is said to be a “sour sweet complement to Southern BBQ,” DEW is also testing apple cinnamon, s’mores, elderberry, huckleberry, and summer “pop” flavors.  The MTN DEW Outpost will be open daily from June 4th until June 12 between 8 a.m. Eastern until dark.

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Taco Bell Menu Says Goodbye to the Mexican Pizza (Again)

“We’re working diligently with our restaurants and suppliers to get more back in the hands and stomachs of our biggest fans. You can follow along on this page for the latest details and information, including when we anticipate the Mexican Pizza to return to its permanent residency on the Taco Bell menu,” the chain posted.

So they ran out of flour tortillas.

Taco Bell has also delayed the planned musical on the Mexican Pizza that was written by Dolly Parton. The online debut of the musical had been planned for May 26.

“The show will go on, just not May 26. Getting the chance to create a musical about the countless fans that helped bring back the Mexican Pizza is a story that deserves to be told

Val Kilmer’s Voice in ‘Top Gun 2’ Was Created by A.I. Technology

Val Kilmer reprises his role as Iceman in the new movie Top Gun: Maverick and his voice in the film was created using A.I. technology.

For those who don’t know, the 62-year-old actor was diagnosed with throat cancer and he underwent a tracheotomy in 2014. He ultimately lost his voice.

Last year the actor worked with a London tech company, Sonantic, using artificial-intelligence technology to re-create his iconic voice for the sequel. Sonantic used old recordings of Kilmer’s voice to make it look as if he were speaking in the film, according to Fortune.

TOP GUN: MAVERICK is Tom Cruise’s Biggest Box Office Open of His Career

The 59-year-old superstar just got his first $100 million opening weekend with “Top Gun: Maverick.”

Tom Cruise earned the biggest movie launch of his career with “Top Gun: Maverick,” bringing in a projected $151 million at the box office during Memorial Day weekend.

The Paramount film, which was delayed multiple times due to the coronavirus pandemic, now holds the record for the second-best Memorial Day opening of all time behind Johnny Depp’s “Pirates of the Caribbean: At World’s End,” which earned $153 million when it was released in 2007.

Patrick Mahomes and Wife Brittany Are Expecting Their Second Child [PIC]

Patrick Mahomes and his wife Brittany had a big announcement on social media Sunday.

The Kansas City Chiefs quarterback confirmed that his wife is pregnant with the couple’s second child. Mahomes announced the news by posting a picture of the two with their daughter Sterling, who was holding a sign about her upcoming “big sister duties.”

The ‘Mona Lisa’ has been caked in attempted vandalism stunt

“A visitor simulated a disability in order to use a wheelchair to approach the work, which was installed in a secure display case.” “While standing near the painting, this individual threw a pastry he had hidden in his personal belongings at the Mona Lisa’s glass case. This act had no effect on the painting, which was not damaged in any way.”

Gene-Editing Experiment Turns Fluffy Hamsters into ‘Aggressive’ Mutant Rage Monsters


A team of scientists in the US have accidentally created overly-aggressive mutant hamsters following a gene-editing experiment.

Using the controversial CRISPR technology, researchers at Northwestern University were examining a hormone called vasopressin and its receptor, Avpr1a.

They opted to try and remove the latter from a group of Syrian hamsters, with the expectation it would increase bonding and co-operation between the lovable little critters.

That’s because Avpr1a is understood to regulate things like teamwork and friendship as well as dominance and bonding.

Their expectation proved to be wrong. Very wrong.

‘We were really surprised at the results,’ said Professor H Elliot Albers, the lead researcher on the study.

‘We anticipated that if we eliminated vasopressin activity, we would reduce both aggression and social communication.

‘But the opposite happened.’

The academics found the adorable bundles of fluff turned into mutant rage monsters exhibiting ‘high levels of aggression towards other same-sex individuals’.

All hamsters, regardless of genotype or sex, exhibited aggression (including chasing, biting, and pinning) when exposed to a nonaggressive, same-sex conspecific in a neutral arena.

Professor Albert admitted the results of the experiment were a ‘startling conclusion’.

The scientists chose to experiment with Syrian hamsters because, unlike mice, they have a social organisation that’s similar to humans.

Professor Albert explained: ‘Even though we know that vasopressin increases social behaviours by acting within a number of brain regions, it is possible that the more global effects of the Avpr1a receptor are inhibitory.

‘We don’t understand this system as well as we thought we did.’