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Statt-us Update 5/19/22 – Today’s Headlines & More


Is Johnny Depp Dating His attorney Camille Vasquez?

The gossip gathered steam after the two hugged in the courtroom.  Rumors have been swirling online that actor Johnny Depp is dating one of his attorneys, Camille Vasquez, who grilled Amber Heard on cross-examination.  “It’s 100%, entirely, unequivocally not true,” said a source close Depp.

Internet Sleuth Claims To Have Caught Amber Heard Lying About Photos

One such amateur sleuth recently posted on Reddit that they claim is definitive proof, Amber Heard lied about photos that were submitted to evidence in the trial.

The photos, according to Heard, are of her face after allegedly being struck by then husband Johnny Depp.

During Heard’s cross examination, Johnny Depp’s lawyer Camille Vasquez tried to raise doubts about the credibility of the photos by comparing them side by side and asking the actress on what days they were taken.

“Isn’t it true you just edited these photographs?” Vasquez asked Heard at one point. “No, I’ve never edited a photograph,” Heard replied.

“Didn’t you just enhance the saturation from one of these photos to make your face look more red?” Vasquez shot back. “No, that’s incorrect I didn’t touch it,” Heard reiterated.

At that point in the video which was posted to Reddit on Wednesday, the person who shared the video proceeds to demonstrate how the two alleged different photos are, in fact, actually the same photo with the saturation changes, as Depp’s lawyer Vasquez stated in the trial. The photo’s seem to be the same but one is digitally altered!

Kim Kardashian learned she passed the baby bar at Red Lobster

The reality star learned that she passed the ‘First-Year Law Students’ Examination’ in December 2021, while sitting in her car in front of a Red Lobster restaurant.

“You are only allowed to take the baby bar a certain amount of times. This was the last time I could ever take it, so if I don’t [pass] then this law school journey is over for me.”

After a dramatic moment of waiting for the screen to load, Kardashian screamed as she yelled, “I passed!” Kardashian explained that this was just the first of two bar exams she would need to take in order to practice law.

Wisconsin Man Celebrates Eating Big Macs Every Day For 50 Years Straight

-In the world of fast food, Donald Gorske is a living legend. He holds the Guinness World Record for the Most Big Macs Eaten. His record stands at around 33,000.

-Don Gorske, 68, from Fond du Lac, Wisconsin, now holds a new record for “Eating a Big Mac Nearly every single day for 50 years”

-The ‘nearly’ boils down to missing just 8 days in 50 years.  Due to health or holiday’s and life.

-His record started on the day he got his first car.

-He has kept almost every box the Big Macs came in. He also kept all the receipts.  Before cell phones it was the only way to prove the date and time consumed. Now he takes a selfie.  He averages 2 Big Macs a day.  Some day’s he has 3.

-He has claimed in the past that his cholesterol and blood pressure are both normal, despite his burger habit.

-Gorske has a fondness for his local McDonald’s, but he has had Big Macs in all 50 states and Canada,