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Statt-us Update 5/12/22 – Today’s Headlines & More

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‘Human Error’ Creates Rare NY Lottery Fail

 “Human error” got the numbers wrong, the New York Lottery said in a statement Wednesday. The Mega Ball number, which can increase winnings exponentially for those who hit it and the others, was incorrect, the lotto said. The number caller said the Mega Ball was 6 when it was 9.

No one won the “wrong” jackpot Tuesday night and it doesn’t appear anyone has yet come forward to claim it. The correct winning numbers for the May 10 drawing are 15-19-20-61-70 and Mega Ball 9.

“The New York Lottery is actively working to resolve the issue as quickly as possible,” the lotto said in a statement. “The Lottery has temporarily suspended prize payments for all Mega Millions tickets and all Mega Millions players should hold on to their tickets for the May 10, 2022 drawing until the issue is resolved.”

Some Brood X Cicadas, Late To The Party But Back

Billions of Brood X cicadas crawled out of the ground last summer, and their offspring aren’t expected to appear until 2038. Except, there might be some late to the party.

Mt. Saint Joseph Dean of Behavioral and Natural Sciences Gene Kritsky says some Brood X members might make an appearance this year. He says it happened the last time Brood X came out in 2005.  Kritsky says several states have already reported emergences. “Next week, here in Cincinnati we’re going to be seeing some 80-degree temperatures. I am predicting that we will see periodical cicadas emerging. Not in the big numbers of a big year.”

How To Identify A Psychopath

Study of prison inmates using AI analysis found a common trait in psychopaths.  Psychopaths tend to not move their heads when they speak.  Using AI analysis, the researcher examined the head movements of 507 prison inmates while they were speaking. The researchers also used the Hare Checklist to determine which of the inmates could be psychopaths. In combining the checklist with the analysis, the scientists found that the psychopaths in the group barely moved their heads while talking compared to other subjects. This lack of head movement makes sense when juxtaposing it with other physical traits of these individuals. Psychopaths tend to hold eye contact for longer periods as well as blink less, resulting in a “predator stare.” The combination of these three factors may make a person seem more unemotional, possibly reflecting their internal state.

Catholic school Accidentally sold Mother’s Day Flowers with thongs

A Catholic grade school in Northeast Philladelphia held a Mother’s Day flower sale so that students could give an artificial rose to their mothers. After the sale was finished, the school realized that their supplier sent special “adult” roses that were actually lacy red thong underwear, folded to look like rose petals. The parish said, “This represents an unfortunate mistake and we apologize.” People who got the roses thought it was funny and took it in stride.

Miranda Lambert makes rare comments about public divorce from Blake Shelton

Miranda Lambert made rare comments about her highly-publicized divorce from fellow country star Blake Shelton in a new interview with CBS News.

The Over You songstress, 38, confessed that she ‘wasn’t prepared’ to face the tabloid-frenzy after they announced their split in 2015.

‘I don’t think anybody is. And it’s not nice sometimes, but I think you got to take it with a grain of salt,’ she said.

As for how she coped with the ‘gossip’ around the end of their marriage and the details of their divorce, Miranda leaned on songwriting.

‘I’m a singer-songwriter so luckily I can tell my whole truth. I will not lie in my music.’

NFL Schedule Announced Tonight

Bengals tweeted: 2022 NFL Schedule Release | 8pm ET Thursday, 5/12 on the NFL Network.

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