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Statt-us Update 4/21/20 – Today’s Headlines & More


Here’s a quick way to get caught up on what’s going on in the world. Everyday B-105’s StattMan puts together a collection of news stories that might impact the average person in Cincinnati. In no particular order. Nothing political or to heavy, just good country fun.

More Good News From John Krasinski

Good News – John Krasinski’s Some Good News weekly YouTube show highlights happy stories in the midst of the world health crisis. The newest episode featured a very brief cameo from Brad Pitt with the weather.

Carole Baskin Explains Why She Didn’t Take A Polygraph And Addresses ‘Tiger King’ Misconceptions In A New Series Of Videos

Here is the first one of many.  She addresses a different topic in each video.

Andy Dalton donated $150k to Help UC Coronavirus Response Fund

Ohio, Ky. School Districts Scramble to Adjust To New School Plans

What It’s Like Having Coronavirus Under 30

I was one of likely hundreds of thousands of Americans who suffered a “mild” case of COVID-19, and recovered. And it was not like any flu or cold I had ever experienced. All of us, millennials included, need to commit to hunkering down for as long as it takes.

Grain Works Beer For Heroes

Matthew McConaughey Shares Behind-The-Scenes Story About ‘Wolf of Wall Street’