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Statt-us Update 4/16/21 – Today’s Headlines & More


Jennifer Lopez Hasn’t Returned $1.8 Million Engagement Ring After Break Up With Alex Rodriguez

JLo and A-Rod may have broken up, but there are still some housekeeping matters to tend to …. notably, who gets the $1.8 million engagement ring?

Sources with direct knowledge tell TMZ … J Lo still has the ring in her possession. As you may know, an engagement ring legally is a “gift in contemplation of marriage.” When the couple breaks up before hitting the alter, in most states the person who proposes gets the ring back.

Our sources say there’s been no discussion between J Lo and A-Rod over the fate of the ring. However, our sources are quick to add … the former couple exchanged “massive amounts of jewelry.” A-Rod bedazzled J Lo with all sorts of bling, and she fortified his massive watch collection. So, they could just call it a wash, but they haven’t decided yet.

Florida Man Jumped An Opening Drawbridge

Fyre Festival Pay-Out

Nearly 4 years after the organizers of the disastrous Fyre Festival were hit with class action lawsuits, a settlement has been reached between organizers and 277 attendees of the infamous fest. The lawyers representing ticket holders and the trustee charged with Fyre’s assets reached a settlement where each of the victims in the class action lawsuit will receive $7,220, although that figure could be lower depending on Fyre’s bankruptcy case with other creditors.

Royal Reconnection

Prince William and Prince Harry – are set to reunite in public for the first time in more than a year at their grandfather Prince Philip’s funeral, but they’ll be keeping their distance. Buckingham Palace revealed yesterday that William and Harry will not walk next to each other behind Philip’s coffin tomorrow.

Dad Goes Full Hero-Mode When A Bobcat Attacks His Family

The ‘Making A Murderer’ Case Has A New Suspect And Even More Evidence The Crime Was A Set-Up

In 2017, Zellner suggested Dassey’s brother Bobby may have framed him and his uncle for the crime, and earlier this week, she said a delivery driver named Thomas Sowinski shared a story that could suggest there was indeed a cover-up in a motion recounting his experience:

“After Mr. Sowinski drove by Bobby and the other individual and delivered the papers to the Avery mailbox, he turned around and drove back to the exit. When he reached the RAV-4, Bobby attempted to step in front of his car to block him from leaving the property.

‘Bobby Dassey looked me in the eye, and I could tell he was not happy to see me there. I knew that Bobby Dassey and the older individual were doing something creepy.’”  In the absence of the suppressed evidence presented in Mr. Sowinski’s affidavit, Mr. Avery did not receive a fair trial.”

If history is any indication, this probably won’t amount to anything, but it’s certainly not going to hurt to try.

Pete Rose Betting Without Tarnishing His Legacy

Little Big Town’s Phillip Sweet tests POSITIVE for coronavirus and will sit out on the country music group’s upcoming ACM Awards performance