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Statt-us Update 3/25/22 – Today’s Headlines & More


Tom Hanks Makes Another Wedding Appearance – This Time, As The Officiant

Tom Hanks is making an impression on Pittsburgh – at least in the wedding circuit. The actor officiated a wedding in Bellevue, just days after crashing a bride’s photoshoot with her bridal party.

“But he’s such a great guy, there’s a level of comfort,” the groom, Tyson, added. “He’s like a best friend you’ve had forever.”

The bride said she actually reached out to Hanks, knowing he was in the area filming a movie – and he’s an ordained minister. She wrote him a letter. “We asked and he said yes!” she said. The couple, who did not share their last names, tied the knot at their house.

Krisna called Hanks “authentic” and a “sweetheart.” They gave him a loose script, but he added some personal touches. “It was actually really, really special to us and he didn’t even realize the meaning of the stuff he added at the time,” she said.

North Texas Chevy Dealer Gifts Teen Caught in Tornado New Truck

The driver of a red pickup truck seen in a widely-circulated video flipping over on Highway 290 during a tornado in Elgin will soon be cruising town in a brand new red Chevy truck.  Bruce Lowrie Chevy in Fort Worth announced Thursday that they are giving 16-year-old Riley Leon a 2022 Red Chevy Silverado to replace the one that was damaged in the tornado.  Leon told NBC 5 on Wednesday that he was on his way home from Whataburger where he had gone for a job interview when he was caught in the middle of the tornado.  “I honestly didn’t know what to do, to grab onto the steering wheel or to start praying,” the 11th grader said.  The tornado pushed his Silverado on its side, then bounced it back upright, before he appeared to simply drive on.  “On the video, it looks like I drove off but in reality I didn’t,” he said. “I landed in the center of the road and I was just driving to get off the road.”  The sales manager at Bruce Lowrie said they felt bad for the teen who had to go through such a shocking experience, leading them to gift Leon the new truck.  Leon will be in Fort Worth on Saturday to pick up his new ride. It’s perfect timing, since he starts his new job at Whataburger on Monday.

Saint Peter’s Mustachioed Guard Doug Edert Signs NIL Deal With Buffalo Wild Wings

Saint Peter’s is this year’s Cinderella team as the tiny Jersey City school — who came into the NCAA Tournament as a 15 seed — has made their way to the Sweet 16 following victories over the University of Kentucky and Murray State University.  As a result of their newfound March Madness-driven fame, Saint Peter’s guard Doug Edert — who has been setting social media on fire with his mustache — has signed a NIL deal with casual dining and sports bar franchise Buffalo Wild Wings.  Saint Peter’s March Madness run will continue tonight when they take on #3 seeded Purdue  in the Sweet 16. The game will be at 7:09 p.m. EST.

Jennifer Hudson’s Engagement Ring For Sale

Her ex-fiancé, former professional wrestler David Otunga has listed her engagement ring for sale on the website, which specializes in re-selling jewelry. Co-owner Mara Opperman confirmed the sale, saying: “Neil Lane was commissioned to design this one-of-a-kind bauble specifically for Hudson. The round brilliant beauty weighs almost 5 carats and is currently listed at $45,000.”

90% of people have an annoying co-worker

A new study found that 90% of Americans say they have a co-worker that annoys them. About 57% of workers say they have even considered quitting their job because of that person. Another 55% of people working from home are even annoyed with co-workers in their remote setting. According to the survey, the three most annoying co-worker habits are: Interrupting during virtual meetings, taking credit for someone else’s work, oversharing from your personal or hobbies, workers say there is a fine line between healthy banter and bonding versus getting too personal. The study also found that 68% of Americans have confronted a coworker about being annoying. For many, that did the trick. However, 20% said that doing so did not affect the situation. Another 18% wouldn’t do anything at all, except suffer the annoyance. Only 1 in 10 said they would speak to a manager or HR about the problem employee. 43% said they’d been confronted about being annoying, and 1 in 3 knew they were annoying.

Sandra Bullock And Channing Tatum Reveal They Were Called Into The Principal’s Office After Their Daughters Fought

“We have two very very strong-willed little girls … very much buttin’ heads,” Tatum explained on “The Late Late Show with James Corden” on Wednesday.

One day after what Bullock said was another “altercation,” she got a call from the school and wondered whether she would have to contact Tatum or his ex-wife Jenna Dewan to yet again deal with the clashing kids.  But the school arrived at a novel solution: challenging the two girls with a competition to see who could be the nicest to the other.  “So they were like bringing each other little Dixie cups of water,” Bullock said.