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Statt-us Update 3/21/22 – Today’s Headlines & More

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The Bengals signed La’el Collins to keep Joe Burrow better protected

La’el Collins Had Awesome Message For Joe Burrow After Signing With Cincinnati Bengals. He’s a big boy.  According to Bengals reporter Marisa Contipelli, Collins he told Burrow that nobody would be touching him now. “Your new bodyguard is in town, no one’s touching you.”

The Origin Story Of Saint Peter’s Guard Doug Edert’s Mustache Is Legendary

Peacocks junior guard Doug Edert has a glorious mustache and it’s now famous.  Edert, did not have any big collage offers out of high school and only made seven starts for St. Peter’s this past season. But everyone is talking about him now and the story of his stache.  It all started Because of the COVID-19 pandemic, St. Peter’s players were unable to go to the barbershop. Peacocks guard Matthew Lee started giving his teammates haircuts.  In early January, Edert sat down with a patchy beard on his face. After trimming back his hair, Lee turned the attention to the beard. trimmed it all the way down to a mustache. Edert liked it. He thought it was funny and decided to leave the ‘stache. It was only going to be a temporary thing. And then the Peacocks started winning and Edert started scoring. After dropping 21 points, his teammates made it very clear that the mustache was going to stay.

“I said, ‘Maybe the mustache is giving me powers,’ ” Edert told The Athletic. “And now it’s everywhere. I never thought this was going to happen, but it’s just hilarious. There’s a lot of memes, a lot of pictures online. I’m rocking with it. I love it. It’s a part of me now.”

Edert’s father had the perfect way to sum up his son’s mustache. “James Harden has the beard. Doug has the mustache,” his father said to The Athletic. “The ‘stache is cash.”

There Are Officially No Perfect March Madness Brackets Left On Major Sites

ESPN, Yahoo, CBS, and NCAA.com all the brackets are off by at least 1 game.  It looks like all of these companies will be safe from having to make the large payouts they promised in the case of a perfect March Madness bracket.

‘Scarface’ Mansion In Montecito Lists For $40 Million

The mansion featured in the movie “Scarface” where Al Pacino’s title charter lived is hitting the market for $39.995 million, the Wall Street Journal is reporting.  Known as “El Fureidis,” or “Little Paradise,” the outside of the Mediterranean-style mansion on about 10 acres in Montecito was featured in the 1983 film — but the inside, where Pacino’s character, Tony Montana, famously died was shot elsewhere.  The four-bedroom mansion, inspired by Roman and Middle Eastern designs,  It features a Byzantine-style “conversation room” that has a fountain beneath a high-domed ceiling with bench seating around it. A large dining room’s barreled ceiling has a 24-karat gold-leafed painting depicting Alexander the Great conquering Persepolis. There are also two guest cottages on the property with three more bedrooms.  The home was last sold in 2015 for $12.26 million after the house was for sale for $35 million, someone got a deal.

Controversial Former Arizona Coach Sean Miller Lands New Job

When Sean Miller was fired by the University of Arizona at the end of last season, it was unclear what NCAA investigation found.  That news is on the way. But he landed a new job back at his old job, with Xavier. Miller had a ton of success during his first stint with Xavier. He led the Musketeers to the NCAA tournament in each of his last 4 season with the program, including a trip to the Sweet Sixteen and one to the Elite Eight.