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Statt-us Update 3/10/22 – Today’s Headlines & More


Officials want to consider change of theme of Delhi Skirt Game. Men may no longer wear dresses?

The 2022 Skirt Game is set for Friday, Aug. 12, and is also set to feature live music, food and fireworks.  Township officials said that they would still like to see the game and its charitable contributions continue.  Delhi Township officials released a statement Tuesday saying they would like to see the theme of the Delhi Skirt Game evolve from men dressing up as women.

“What had long been considered a fun component of the evening has been igniting discussion from residents, event sponsors, and other supporters for years for being offensive and insensitive,” officials said.

The game has raised more than $1 million, all of which has gone toward assisting area families with special needs. Stop over thinking it. Maybe let ladies dress as men and play? The game does so much good for the community it would b a shame to see it go away.

Today is National Mario Day

Because March 10th, written as “Mar10,” looks like the Nintendo character Mario’s name. Happy Mario Day!

Opening Day postponed until April 14 as CBA talks continue

Two more days of intense negotiations did not lead to a new collective bargaining agreement between Major League Baseball and the MLB Players Association.

With no deal in place, MLB announced on Wednesday that a second week of games has been taken off the schedule, bringing the total for each team to four season-opening series that won’t take place during the first two weeks of the season. There is no end in sight, the April 14th date is only if they can make an agreement soon.

Tinder users can now run in-app background checks

Tinder users in the US can now run background checks in-app to screen their matches for possible violent or harmful past behavior, the company said in a news release. The checks are via Tinder’s partnership with Garbo, a nonprofit that runs online background checks (via TechCrunch).

The searches will return results that Garbo says are “relevant to the user’s safety” and will exclude some information such as drug possession and loitering. The searches also won’t include personally identifiable information like addresses and phone numbers.

Woman 25, Suing Jerry Jones After Claiming He’s Her Biological Father

On Thursday afternoon, a woman filed a lawsuit claiming Jones had a relationship with her mother in the mid-90s and that he’s her biological father. The woman claims her mother had a financial settlement with Jones to not publicly disclose that he was the father, but she feels that her mother’s agreement does not bind her. According to court documents, Jones and Davis’ mother, Cynthia Davis, reached a settlement to financially support the mother and child as long as they didn’t publicly identify Jones as her father. Looks like she wants more money.

Obi-Wan Kenobi Looks Really Good, Check Out The Teaser