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Feed your ex’s name to wolves for Valentine’s Day

An animal rescue center in Pennsylvania has a way to get back at your ex while donating to their organization.

T&D Cats of the Wild, an exotic wildlife rescue in Penns Creek, has a different take on the holiday of love.

“Toss your ex to the wolves! Yes, just a little twist on Valentine’s Day,” said co-owner Jennifer Mattive.

No one is literally getting tossed to the wolves, though. Rather, for a small donation, the rescue is offering a chance to safely feed your ex’s name to one of their seven wolves.

T&D came up with the idea as a unique way to raise extra funds for the animals. Here is a link to donate.

Pacman Jones blames Andy Dalton for Bengals’ previous playoff failures

During a recent interview with The Zach Gelb Show to discuss the Bengals’ 2021 success, Pacman had this to say.

“If you look at the teams that make runs in the postseason, it all starts with the quarterback,” said Jones. “A lot of these teams have really good quarterbacks. Really good guys that play hard, that love football, not worrying about a lot of other things. So I would say, if it was anything with the teams I was on, I would start with the quarterback.”

“So Andy Dalton wasn’t good enough is what you’re saying?” Gelb asked.

“Yeah,” replied Pacman.

Jones continued, “I don’t want to just make the conversation about me saying he wasn’t good enough. But if you go back and look at the film, it speaks for itself. You look at the numbers. The game that we should’ve won, I think A.J. [McCarron] played. You know, you just gotta look at the film. The film will break it down, show you why we didn’t get the postseason wins.

As for the current Bengals team and quarterback Joe Burrow, Jones said, “He’s the real deal. He’s used to the pressure. He’s won the national championship so he’s ready for the big lights. He’s what I would’ve loved to have as a quarterback.

Pacman then added that if he could have played with Joe Burrow he might have gotten two Super Bowl rings.

Shaq Has An Unusual Problem When He Visits Zoos Around The World

“I’ve been to every zoo in the world, and every time I go to the gorilla section, they look at me like, ‘Hey man, where your fur at?’ For real. For real. That’s how they look at me.

They also look at me like, ‘What am I doing in here and you out there?’ And they always go crazy when they see me…Every zoo in the world, they go crazy. They try to break out the damn thing and try to fight me.”

When his co-hosts expressed some skepticism over the claim, Shaq decided to call Ron Magill, a wildlife expert who currently serves as the communications director at Zoo Miami. Magill confirmed the claim and shared how Barney, the zoo’s 28-year-old silverback, reacts when he sees a man he perceives as a challenger to his domain:

“He gets intimated, and he looks at Shaq and thinks that Shaq is going to take away his girls, and he gets tight-lipped and tries to stand up and make himself look as big as possible.

But at the end of the day, he backs off. He knows who’s boss.”

Foo Fighters Putting On Concert After Game

will perform a virtual reality concert after the Super Bowl on Sunday — whenever the game is over — on Horizon Venues, a virtual reality app on the Meta Quest headsets. The 180-degree VR concert will feature the band playing a song that has never been performed live before, as well as a set of rarely played tracks.

Madden ’22 predicts Super Bowl XLIX will come down to the wire

Madden NFL 22 says is going to win Super Bowl LVI based on their use of NFL Next Gen Stats player data.

In the prediction, the Bengals enter halftime down 14-7, following touchdowns by Rams running back Sony Michel and red-hot wide receiver Cooper Kupp, with Ja’Marr Chase putting up the Bengals only touchdown.

At the start of the second half, the Bengals lock up on defense with cornerback Eli Apple picking off Matthew Stafford and taking it to the house to tie the game.

Joe Burrow takes the lead early in the fourth quarter on a touchdown pass to Tee Higgins, but Los Angeles answers with an Odell Beckham Jr. touchdown to level the game.

In the final minutes, Burrow gets his team in field goal range creating another opportunity for Evan McPherson to step up and kick the winning field goal to secure a historic victory for the Bengals franchise.

Final score: Cincinnati Bengals 24, Los Angeles Rams 21.