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Statt-us Update 2/8/21 – Today’s Headlines & More


Man Ran On The Field During Super Bowl

The fan was wearing a woman’s pink thong one-piece bathing suit with Vitaly Uncensored on the front.

The site is run by YouTube personality Vitaly Zdorovetskiy, who was celebrating the stunt for his more than 620,000 Twitter followers Sunday.

Zdorovetskiy is the same guy who ran on the field during Game 5 of the 2017 World Series between the Astros and Dodgers at Minute Maid Park. He also ran onto the court during the 2014 NBA Finals.

The web site pulled the same stunt at the 2019 Champions League final between Liverpool and Tottenham Hotspur when a woman ran around the pitch in a similar outfit. Later that month, Zdorovetskiy’s mother tried to do the same thing at the Cricket World Cup final in London, but she was grabbed by security before she could make it to the field.

Tom Brady, Breaking Records & Winning Rings

Tom Brady – has taken things to another level not seen before: Winning a Super Bowl at age 43, in his first year with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, and making history by being part of the first team to appear in a Super Bowl in its home stadium — and accomplishing all of this in a pandemic. It’s not a movie script — yet? — but Brady helped make it reality. Who else could have done that? The Buccaneers won Super Bowl LV at Raymond James Stadium by a score of 31-9 against last year’s champs, the Kansas City Chiefs and their superstar quarterback Patrick Mahomes, viewed as the player who will take the torch from Brady one day.  Now will they rename the city “Tompa Brady” ?

Aaron Rodgers Surprise Engagement

While accepting this year’s Most Valuable Player award during Saturday night’s NFL Honors ceremony, Green Bay Packers quarterback, Aaron Rodgers 37, revealed that he’s engaged. The bombshell comes just days after reports surfaced that he and actress Shailene Woodley, 29, are dating. “It’s an honor to win this award for the third time. 2020 was definitely a crazy year, filled with lots of change, growth, some amazing memorable moments….I got engaged, and I played some of the best football of my career,” Rodgers said during the broadcast. He also thanked his fiancée during his acceptance speech without naming names.

Jennifer Lawrence reportedly injured on latest film set

Ohio Custodian Hit The Most Casual Half-Court Shot Of All-Time

Live Stream Interrupted By Burglar

Suzanne Somers had a Facebook Live stream interrupted by an intruder on her property Friday night. Video shows her promoting makeup sold on her website when a man appears on her Palm Springs property. Somers and her husband, Alan Hamel, try to establish who the man is and where he came from as the camera continues to roll. The man, who made it up their private driveway, at one point says he is “terrified” and was being followed by ghosts.

Woman Who Went Viral For Spraying Gorilla Glue In Her Hair Goes To Hospital

Chiefs’ OLB coach Britt Reid was involved in a car accident

Five-Year-Old Has Yet To Wake Up After Suffering Severe Brain Trauma In Car Crash Involving Chiefs’ LB Coach

Adam Levine Sets Up Gwen Stefani & Blake Shelton