Statt-us Update 2/27/20 – Today’s Headlines & More

Here’s a quick way to get caught up on what’s going on in the world. Everyday B-105’s StattMan puts together a collection of news stories that might impact the average person in Cincinnati. In no particular order. Nothing political or to heavy, just good country fun.

Luke Combs Is On A Vegan Diet After Losing A Bet

Luke Combs says he and his keyboard player, Neil Tankersley, entered a bet at the beginning of the year during the Carolina Panthers vs. Atlanta Falcons game. The two made a friendly wager that if the Panthers won, then Tankersley, who is bald, would have to grow enough hair to form a pap pap ring on his scalp for three months and would not not be allowed to wear a hat while performing. But if the Panthers lost, then the country hitmaker would have to go on a 90-day vegan diet. So how is he doing so far? Luke Said:

“I eat a lot of bars like protein bars, lot of veggies. And, if you’re not familiar with vegan, it’s no animal products whatsoever: no meat, no cheese, no milk, no butter, no anything good,” he continues, adding that it’s “pretty depressing” thinking about how much longer he has to go to fulfill the bet.

“But I will prevail through the end of this. I’m looking forward to a good deer steak after this is all said and done,” he insists

Man Gets Prison Time After Tricking Woman He Met On Dating App Into Robbing A Bank On Their First Date

The woman told police she picked Castillo up from his parents’ home in Rhode Island.  She said Castillo drank wine while in the passenger seat of her car then told her to pull over once they approached the bank. He left her in the car for a few minutes before he suddenly came running back, sweating while wearing a sunglasses and brandishing a gun with $1,000 cash in hand.  The woman told police she ‘panicked’ and did as she was told. “F’n GO!” But as soon as she saw the police lights in her rearview mirror, she immediately pulled over and walked away from the car. Castillo stayed inside the vehicle and ducked from police until officers pulled him out.  Police searched the car and found an antique handgun, which belonged to Castillo’s stepfather, a hat, sunglasses and the $1,000.

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