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Adam Sandler And Chris McDonald Both Say They’re In To Film ‘Happy Gilmore 2’

Lightening the Sloth at The Cincinnati Zoo is pregnant

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‘Tiger King’ Cast Members Tease Season 2

Tiger King initially premiered on March 20th, 2020, a March/April 2021 release for season 2 would make sense.

Reinke, who has claimed he didn’t get paid squat for participating in the first season of Tiger King, says, “I want to thank you guys for watching Tiger King and get ready, yup, believe it or not, there’s another season gonna come out pretty soon so keep your eyes out for that.”

Garretson has made several mentions of season 2 in his Cameo videos – even going so far as to speculate that it will be released in March or April 2021.

Meet the first female Eagle Scout for this Butler County troop


No Charges For Tiger Woods

The sheriff overseeing the investigation into Tiger Woods’ car crash says the golfer won’t face criminal charges over the incident. Sheriff Alex Villanueva took questions from the media yesterday, and when asked directly if Woods would face a reckless driving charge, he said, “No.” There’s still a chance he could be hit with an infraction if investigators determine he was using his cell phone or was otherwise distracted behind the wheel — but that’s a far cry from being charged with a crime.

The Boss Can Move On From DUI

Bruce Springsteen pleaded guilty to drinking illegally in a federal park—but charges of DWI and reckless driving were dismissed. At a virtual hearing Wednesday, prosecutors said they couldn’t meet the burden of proof for drunk driving over the November incident at Sandy Hook federal park in New Jersey. “The blood alcohol reading was .02, which as the court is aware, is well under the state limit of .08,” Assistant US Attorney Adam Baker said. Springsteen was arrested after an officer saw him take a shot of tequila and get on his motorcycle. He admitted having “two small shots of tequila” in the park, where drinking was banned in 2019.