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Statt-us Update 2/17/22 – Today’s Headlines & More


Thousands gather at Bengals pep rally to say thanks for a fun season

Cincinnati mayor gives Zac Taylor, Mike Brown keys to city

Thousands of fans gathered in Washington Park Wednesday to say thanks to their team. “No team has better fans than the Bengals fans,” said owner Mike Brown.

“We have a great group of players that you all have fallen in love with. They love you all. They love making plays on the field and I can promise you the one thing we took away last weekend is we gotta find a way to get back and win it all,” Taylor said. Cincy Mayor Pureval gave the keys to the city to Brown and Taylor while the crowd chanted “Who Dey.”

‘The game ball thing will continue forever’ According to Bengals Zac Taylor

Taylor talked about how passionate the Bengals fans are, calling Cincinnati “a special place.”

His game ball gifts cemented a connection with him to the community.

“The game ball thing will continue forever,” he said. “I didn’t anticipate it becoming what it has become. I’m happy that it has.”

The Yellowstone Universe Expands Again With 1932

On Tuesday Paramount announced that in addition to 1883 and the upcoming Yellowstone spinoff, 6666, Taylor Sheridan and company would also be creating another prequel for Yellowstone, titled 1932.  The upcoming series, which has not announced a premiere date, will follow another generation of the Dutton clan as they grapple with the difficulties of western expansion, the Great Depression, and Prohibition.

Aaron Rodgers and Shailene Woodley Break Up, Call Off Engagement

Aaron Rodgers announced his surprise engagement to Shailene Woodley in his acceptance speech when he was named NFL’s MVP in February 2021. But things have changed.

Aaron Rodgers and Shailene Woodley are done.  “It was an amicable split; it just wasn’t working,” a source says. “They’re very different people with busy careers and there were obstacles that they couldn’t surmount. They will remain friendly; there’s no bad blood and no drama. It just didn’t work out for them.”

Kings Island owner rejects SeaWorld’s $3.4B takeover offer

Kings Island will not be taken over by SeaWorld. The company says its offer was rejected by Cedar Fair, the parent company of Kings Island.

SeaWorld had offered $3.4 billion in cash.  The news comes two years and four months after Cedar Fair rejected a $4 billion offer from rival Six Flags.

Matthew McConaughey Is Open to Appearing in ‘Magic Mike 3’: ‘Channing Tatum, Call Me, Bro!’

Matthew McConaughey hasn’t shut the door yet on appearing in the third installment of Channing Tatum’s “Magic Mike.” The actor appeared in the 2012 original but said no to 2015’s “Magic Mike XXL”.  Matthew is waiting to hear about “Magic Mike’s Last Dance.” “Channing Tatum, call me, bro! I haven’t heard from ya!”  McConaughey said. “I’d have to read [the script] first. It was a helluva lot of fun doing the first one.”