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Statt-us Update 2/14/22 – Today’s Headlines & More


Bengals Kicker Evan McPherson Stayed On The Field And Watched Super Bowl Halftime Show Instead Of Going To Locker Room

Bengals rookie kicker Evan McPherson was not going to miss the Super Bowl halftime show.

Vernon Hargreaves Ran On The Field Wearing Shorts And Sandals, Got Penalty While Not Playing During Super Bowl

Injured Bengals Vernon Hargreaves got a bit too excited.

Hargreaves, who is currently out with an injury, ran on the field while wearing shorts and sandals to celebrate an interception before halftime.

The Bengals got a 10-yard penalty because Vernon Hargreaves was not in uniform.

Van Jefferson’s Wife Left Super Bowl In Stretcher After Going Into Labor During Third Quarter Of Game

Not only did Jefferson win the Super Bowl on Sunday, but he also became a father.

In the third quarter of the Bengals-Rams game, NFL Network reporter Bridget Condon reported that she saw Jefferson’s wife, Samaria, leaving the stadium on a stretcher.

As soon as the game ended, Jefferson rushed to the hospital to be with his wife.

Snoop’s Team Fluff wins Puppy Bowl 2022

In the ultimate sports showdown Sunday, Team Fluff snatched victory from Team Ruff to win the coveted ‘Lombarky’ trophy in Puppy Bowl XVIII.

The puppies of both teams gave it their all, but it was Team Fluff that slid into the end zone for a last-minute victory of 73-69.

More than 100 adoptable dogs from 67 shelters across 33 states returned to the turf Sunday afternoon to drag chew toys around a miniature field in the bowl’s biggest competition yet.

French Fry Perfume

A new perfume from the Idaho Potato Commission gives off the aroma of French fries.

“Whether you’re at a drive through restaurant or dining in, it’s near impossible to not grab a fry and take a bite before you dive into your meal,” Jamey Higham, president and CEO of the Idaho Potato Commission, said in a statement. “The smell is too good to resist.”

Dubbed Frites by Idaho, the “limited-edition fragrance” was going for $1.89 per 1.7 oz bottle on the commission’s website before selling out. A giveaway promising more bottles of the tater spray ends Sunday.

The fragrance, which the commission says captures “one of the world’s most irresistible scents,” is made from distilled Idaho potatoes and essential oils.

The commission cited a recent national survey by the firm Pollfish that found nearly 90% of Americans “find the smell of French fries irresistible.”

No More Farting For Tesla

Federal highway regulators will no longer allow speeding Tesla’s to blast fart noises at people. Specifically, the new recall concerns Tesla’s “boombox” feature, which lets drivers play pre-recorded audio through the front speaker in place of its horn. First introduced back in a 2020 update, the feature reportedly allows users to pick through pre-recorded song clips as well as sounds of an assortment of other sounds like goats and farts. The problem—as the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration saw it—is that these sounds could potentially drown out pedestrian warning sounds required in Tesla’s and other electric vehicles if used while the vehicle was in motion.

Crypto Firm Coinbase’s App CRASHES After Unusual Commercial

The 60-second commercial almost entirely showed a colorful QR code bouncing, bringing back memories of the bouncing DVD logo. Once scanned, the digital code redirects first-time users to Coinbase’s promotional website, offering a limited time promotion of $15 worth of free Bitcoin to new customers, and the chance to enter three million dollar giveaway.

But the huge audience for the game – estimated at 117 million people – promptly crashed the app after logging on to check it out, leaving many users disappointed.

Ghostbusters and Stripes director Ivan Reitman – who also produced Animal House – dies ‘unexpectedly and peacefully in his sleep’ at his California home aged 75

Director-producer Ivan Reitman passed away ‘unexpectedly’ in his California home Saturday night at age 75.  His children – Jason Reitman, Catherine Reitman and Caroline Reitman – said he died peacefully in his sleep.  In a statement, his family said they ‘take comfort that his work as a filmmaker brought laughter and happiness to countless others around the world’.  Reitman is known for his big comedies including Animal House, Stripes, Ghostbusters and more.