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‘Reading Rainbow’ is being revived after more than 15 years off air

The beloved children’s show Reading Rainbow is returning after more than 15 years off the air. The updated version of the show will be called Reading Rainbow Live, and will feature “a diverse, talented and comedic troupe of young performers” as hosts. The series originally aired in 1983, and was hosted by actor LeVar Burton. Its return comes as parents struggle to balance remote schooling and other activities during the pandemic. Reading Rainbow Live was “developed as a ‘life-saver’ response to this challenge,” executive producer Steven Beer said. The updated Reading Rainbow will stick with the structure of the original version’s 25-minute episodes, educating young viewers through music, field trips, cultural explorations and a book of the day. Unlike the original version, young viewers will be able to engage with the live show via a virtual platform. Asked about the choice to have multiple hosts, producers said they “really want kids and viewers to see themselves on this show.” It’s unclear if LeVar Burton is involved.


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