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Bob Dole, Presidential Candidate and Senator, Dies at Age 98

U.S. Is the World’s 4th-Drunkest Country

Australians are either the drunkest people in the world or the people most likely to be honest about how often they get drunk, according to the latest Global Drug SurveyThe survey of 32,000 people in 22 countries found that while Australians drank alcohol around twice a week on average, they became drunk 27 times a year, more than people in any other country surveyed, Guardian reports. The survey defined drunk as “having drunk so much that your physical and mental faculties are impaired to the point where your balance/speech was affected” and “your conversation and behaviors were very obviously different to people who know you.” The US is the fourth-drunkest country in the world, according to the survey, behind Denmark and Finland but just ahead of the UK.

Caterina Giorgi at the Foundation for Alcohol Research and Education, an Australian nonprofit, said the findings suggest people are “drinking at fairly risky levels.” She noted that Australia also came first in the number of times people reported seeking emergency medical treatment after alcohol use. The survey found that respondents from Ireland got drunk an average of 14.6 times a year, but were the most likely to regret getting drunk, the Journal reports. They regretted getting drunk 28.4% of the time, while those from Denmark and Finland had the least regrets, at 17% each.

Data for the latest report was collected between December 2020 and March 2021. The previous year’s survey was carried out before COVID lockdowns began, and researchers said use of alcohol and almost every other drug in the survey declined year-over-year, reports. Some of the steepest declines were in cigarette smoking and cocaine use. The researchers also found that the pandemic had caused changes in behavior, with a 42% drop in the proportion of cannabis users who shared joints or bongs.

Groom Misses Wedding With Food Poisoning, Bride Improvises With Mannequin

Reese’s Just Launched a University for Peanut Butter Cup Fans

For peanut butter-based candy, the Reese’s name reigns supreme thanks in no small part to their enormously popular peanut butter cups. Now, the Hershey-owned brand wants to bring that expertise to the masses (kind of) with the launch of their new eponymous Reese’s University.

Admittedly, Reese’s repeatedly cites their own lawyers as saying “Reese’s University is not a real University,” but the concept remains the same: a fictional institution of higher education, albeit one with a real nickname, the Fighting Cuppies, and a real mascot with a giant peanut butter cup head. The school also boasts an insanely high 99.99-percent acceptance rate.

To apply for rolling admission, Reese’s says all peanut butter lovers have to do is head to “Tell us who you are, why you’re awesome, and what makes you a true Fighting Cuppy,” the brand writes. “Once you’re in, you’ll join the most iconic fanbase around, load up on college swag from the Reese’s U bookstore, and enjoy a few other surprises along the way.”

“Life is too short for regrets, or inferior candy,” Patricia Brown, the so-called Dean of Students at Reese’s University, is quoted as saying in the announcement. “Reese’s U is the embodiment of this spirit. The Fighting Cuppies are a community of well-rounded individuals that are committed to RU’s core values of integrity, chocolate and peanut butter.”

Sure, this whole high-concept campaign may sound better suited for April Fools’ Day since the Reese’s University website purposefully blurs the line between fact and fiction, offering photos of campus activities that don’t exist — because the campus itself doesn’t exist.

So what is real? Well, in an era where every food brand on the planet is launching their own online shops, it’s a safe bet that this Reese’s U bookstore will offer a real opportunity to purchase real Reese’s U branded gear. The student store says, “Check back January 2022!” though the bottom of the admissions page does tease images of collegiate-themed Reese’s gear.

But outside of that, all Reese’s really promises are things like a “rush of adrenaline” and the “pride of knowing you’re a part of something bigger than you.” So… actually, it kind of feels like a real liberal arts degree.