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Statt-us Update 12/14/20 – Today’s Headlines & More

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The Cleveland Indians Are Changing Their Name

As for when the name change will be officially announced, the report states that could happen as soon as this week. This has been in the works for some time for Cleveland, as they first began phasing out the mascot Chief Wahoo back in 2019.

One option that the team is considering, two of the people said, is moving forward without a replacement name — similar to how the Washington Football Team proceeded — then coming up with a new name in consultation with the public.

Florida Commits Bonehead Play Of The Year After  Throwing LSU Player’s Shoe

Sarah Fuller just became the first woman to score in a Power 5 game.

Guy Climbs On Wing Of Plane Before Takeoff

Tommy ‘Tiny’ Lister Who Famously Portrayed Deebo In The Movie ‘Friday’ Dies At 62