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Reba McEntire Announces Reba’s Place Restaurant and Live Music Venue with Choctaw Nation

Reba McEntire is expanding her empire with her very own music venue featuring tasty treats.

The country superstar, 66, announced the creation of Reba’s Place, her own restaurant, bar, and live entertainment venue in Atoka, Oklahoma. McEntire shared the exciting news during her Friday show at the Choctaw Grand Theater in Durant, Oklahoma.

McEntire welcomed Chief Gary Batton from Choctaw Nation to announce the opening of Reba’s Place, which is set to welcome its very first customers starting in 2022. The singer posted a video of her and Batton’s announcement on Instagram, sharing the moment she and the chief told the audience about Reba’s Place.

“We’re thrilled to pieces because it’s going to be right downtown Atoka,” Reba said during her show. “It’s going to be called Reba’s Place and it’s going to be in the old Masonic building. Y’all know where that is if you’ve been to Atoka.”

She added, “We’re really tickled, we’re very excited about it. It’s going to have great food, family atmosphere, a bandstand in there where we can do a little pickin’ and grinnin’ and singin,’ and we’re hoping by the end of next year, around September 2022, around that sometime that we’ll be ready for serving you guys to come up and see us.”

The chief said, “We are partnering with the greatest female country singer of all time to bring Reba’s restaurant to Atoka, Oklahoma.”

McEntire shared on Instagram that Reba’s Place “is formed in partnership with the Choctaw Nation of Oklahoma and the City of Atoka.”

The venue features “two stories of dining space,” opening up to a large stage, plus a restaurant. The website highlights dishes like the “Fancy” steak dinner in a nod to McEntire’s hit song, plus street tacos, chicken fried steak, and pinto beans and cornbread —  described as “Reba’s personal favorite.”

Customers at Reba’s Place can pair their meal with a drink from the restored antique bar, which is “more than 100 years old,” according to the Reba’s Place website. The bar will serve beer, wine, and cocktails.

McEntire’s signature touch will be all over the restaurant. “The aesthetics of the venue are heavily influenced by Reba’s western heritage and include a curated collection of memorabilia from Reba’s personal archives that will regularly change,” the website states.

To remember their visit to Reba’s Place, patrons can stop by the retail space, which will sell a mix of exclusive items and “established Reba favorites.”

With the announcement of her newest venture, McEntire also unveiled the official social media account for Reba’s Place, offering a glimpse at what the spot will look like when it opens for business in late 2022.

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The Rock recently gave a Navy veteran a huge surprise

The Rock recently gave a Navy veteran a huge surprise — his personal custom Ford F-150 Raptor pickup. Johnson shared on social media video of the moment he stunned Oscar Rodriguez of Los Angeles during a special Thanksgiving theater screening of Red Notice. In front of a surprised crowd, Johnson praised Rodriguez for his acts of kindness at church, at his job as a personal trainer, in his preparation of meals for women who are survivors of domestic violence and in caring for his mother.

Psychologists Reveal How Long the Perfect Hug Should Last

How long should the perfect hug last? Psychologists in London did a little research to find out.

Experts have touted the health benefits of hugging for years, saying hugs can lower stress levels and boost self-confidence. Now, researchers in London have studied the science behind the most satisfying squeeze.

To better reveal the sensations behind touch psychologists at Goldsmiths University of London blindfolded 48 women willing to be hugged by a stranger. They tested a one second hug, a five second hug, and a ten second hug.

“The very short hugs, the one second hugs, they were perceived as less pleasant,” said psychologist Anna Lena Duren with Goldsmiths, University of London.

The 10 second snuggle was rated most pleasurable. “Which was surprising to us because, we thought, 10 seconds is so long surely at some point people might find it less pleasant,” said Duren.

In a second experiment, researchers watched nearly 200 people hug in social settings. Psychologists found criss-cross hugs are more common than the neck-waist arm position, and gender also made a difference. “Men are more likely to use the kind of criss-cross arms with other men than women are among each other,” said Duren.

The style of embrace didn’t seem to affect how enjoyable it was, but the longer the hug the better. That surprised some Brits. “I could only imagine 10 seconds if it’s like some sort of drunken hug,” said London resident Dan Hamdani.

Next, researchers plan to study how watching others hug affects people’s brains and emotions.

Calif. Town in Fowl Mood Over Peacock Infestation

Tracy, CA — A California town has been overrun by peacocks, with the colorful birds clamoring on housetops, gathering on people’s lawns and porches, and defecating all over, according to reports.

“They will definitely make a home, out of your home,” said Terina Lacey of Tracy, Calif., about 30 minutes south of Stockton.

The funky peafowl — peacocks refer to males of the species — are “reproducing and causing property damage, stomping on the roofs. I mean that is crazy — sounds like there’s people up there,” Lacey told KCRA 3.

The birds, which came from a local dairy which has since closed, first started hanging around residential areas decades ago when families began feeding them, said the city’s animal services supervisor, Brittany Pasquale.

But now there’s 30 of them who won’t leave. And they’re not shy.

“Sometimes they get a little close; they’ll charge at you, do a little funny stuff,” postal worker Corey Marzett told the station.

The city has signed a $30,000 contract with a wildlife services company to have the birds humanely removed, according to KCRA 3.

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USPS Announces Deadlines for Holiday Shipping, Letters to Santa

The United States Postal Services is letting shoppers know when they need to wrap up and ship out their holiday gifts this year to make sure packages arrive by Christmas morning.

Deadlines vary depending on shipping locations and services, but for children who send their wish list to Santa, the deadline is December 10, no matter where in the U.S. they’re mailed.

The USPS says its busiest time of the holiday shipping season starts two weeks before Christmas. It’s expected that customer traffic at all Post Office locations will steadily increase beginning the week of Dec. 6. The week of Dec. 13-18 is anticipated to be the busiest mailing, shipping and delivery week of the season.

USPS recommends the following mailing and shipping deadlines for delivery by Dec. 25, (to Air/Army Post Office/Fleet Post Office/Diplomatic Post Office (APO/FPO/DPO) and domestic addresses):

  • Dec. 9 — APO/FPO/DPO (all ZIP Codes) Priority Mail and First-Class Mail
  • Dec. 15 — USPS Retail Ground service
  • Dec. 16 — APO/FPO/DPO (except ZIP Code 093) USPS Priority Mail Express Military service
  • Dec. 17 — First-Class Mail service (including greeting cards)
  • Dec. 17 — First-Class packages (up to 15.99 ounces)
  • Dec. 18 — Priority Mail service
  • Dec. 23 — Priority Mail Express* service

Alaska to/from Continental U.S.

  • Dec. 18 — First-Class Mail
  • Dec. 18 — Priority Mail
  • Dec. 21 — Priority Mail Express

Hawaii to/from mainland

  • Dec. 17 — Priority Mail and First-Class Mail
  • Dec. 21 — Priority Mail Express

For information about sending packages to military or diplomatic posts abroad, increased holiday shipping charges, and shipping packages from home, visit

Note from USPS:

*Not a guarantee, unless otherwise noted. Dates are for estimated delivery before Dec. 25. 

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