Statt-us Update 11/26/19 – Today’s Headlines & More

Here’s a quick way to get caught up on what’s going on in the world. Everyday B-105’s StattMan puts together a collection of news stories that might impact the average person in Cincinnati. In no particular order. Nothing political or to heavy, just good country fun.

Dancing With The Stars Crowned A New Winner

The 2019 Beard & Mustache Championship In 30 Pictures

StattMan here, it’s ‘No Shave November’ and the 2019 Beard & Mustache competition just wrapped up.  Some of these guys have been working on there beards for years. I’ve got to know a lot of them and not only do these gentleman look good, they are great people.  Click here to see all the pictures

Cincinnati Bengals Go Back To Andy Dalton As Starting QB

The Bengals made the move because Andy Dalton gives the team "the best chance to win," coach Zac Taylor said.

Posted by WCPO – 9 On Your Side on Monday, November 25, 2019

1 Feared Dead, 4 Injured After Downtown Building Partially Collapses

#BREAKING A heartbreaking update tonight… It has been confirmed that one person lost their life after a building partially collapsed in downtown Cincinnati.

Posted by LOCAL 12, WKRC-TV on Monday, November 25, 2019

Super Bowl Ads Have Reportedly Already Sold Out With The Price Of A 30-Second Ad Hitting A Mind-Blowing New Record

Fox Sports, said the network had sold all 77 spots for the event. Some advertisers dished out a record $5.6 million for 30 seconds of air time, with every ad selling for more than $5 million, Winter added.

“Clearly the NFL is still the most powerful media platform in all of sports and all of television,” Fox’s Winter said. “Advertisers have seen the restoration of healthy ratings and an environment that doesn’t create caution on their part, so they’ve dived headfirst into the NFL.” If you take those 77 ad spots and just assume they each went for $5 million, that’s a whopping total of $385 million forked over for ad time.

The ‘£1BILLION’ Smash and Grab: Shocking Moment Jewel Thieves Smash Their Way Into German Museum

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Bread & Butter Await Their Presidential Pardon