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Statt-us Update 11/23/20 – Today’s Headlines & More

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Joe Burrow Injured, Out For Season

Ice Bucket Challenge – Pat Quinn, one of the co-founders of the viral ALS Ice Bucket Challenge, died yesterday at the age of 37, according to a statement from the ALS Foundation.

Cincinnati Ballet Streaming The Nutcracker 

Grandma and teen who’ve shared every Thanksgiving since 2016 when she accidentally invited him via text, husband died from COVID

Chess Sets Are Nearly Impossible To Find

Mary Higbe, director of marketing at Goliath Games told NPR that chess sales are up over 1,000%.

“Our October sales for chess were up 178% over the same period last year,” Higbe says. That’s a big increase. But something else unexpected happened at the end of the month. Now, she says, “our chess sales are up 1,048%.

eBay even reported a 273% increase in searches for chess sets within 10 days of the show’s release, while the word ‘chess’ nearly doubled in Google searches from the previous year.

Sure, it’s safe to assume that chess and boardgame sales went up at the start of the pandemic with everyone stuck inside, but The Queen’s Gambit seems to have created a perfect storm and now it’s becoming difficult just to find a chessboard.

Ref Gets Injured After Dolphins Players Run Him Over And Accidentally Kick Him In The Head

$30,000+ meat stolen in 6 burglaries

Taylor Swift Rerecording All Of Her Old Music