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Statt-us Update 11/15/21 – Today’s Headlines & More


Ole Miss Student Made A Ton Of Money With ‘Need Beer Money’ Sign

Gililland racked up more than $4,000

Britney Spears Is FREE!

A Los Angeles judge her conservatorship, which has controlled the pop star’s life and money for nearly 14 years. The decision ended a whirlwind 5-month odyssey that saw Spears publicly demand the end of the conservatorship, hire her own attorney, have her father removed from power, and finally win the freedom to make her own medical, financial, and personal decisions for the first time since 2008.

Three people killed and hundreds injured from scorpion stings during thunderstorms in Egypt

Snoop Dogg Will Sell His Super Bowl Outfit Online

105-Year-Old Woman Sets World Record In 100-Meter Dash

Astroworld Tragidy Grows to 10 Casualties

The 9-year-old boy who was injured at the Astroworld Festival died yesterday. The death toll from the chaotic concert now stands at 10. Funeral services for some of the victims began over the weekend as dozens of lawsuits have been filed over the tragedy.

Subway Sued, Again, Over Tuna Sandwiches Allegedly Containing Pork, Cattle And Chicken DNA

Hundreds Of Wild Buffalo Stampede Past Tourists

Diving YouTubers Have Found Remains of 16 Missing People