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Statt-us Update 10/20/21 – Today’s Headlines & More


William Shatner Shares Initial Reaction to Capt. Kirk-Michael Myers ‘Halloween’ Mask

Bengals Players Who Destroyed A Fan’s Phone During Celebration Hook Him Up

Woman sues Kellogg’s, says strawberry Pop-Tarts don’t have enough berries

Worker’s Request for ‘Pawternity Leave’ to Look After New Puppy Sparks Debate

Mandatory ten-digit dialing coming to area code 859 on Oct. 24

Guy Who Transformed His Yard Into A Halloween Massacre Complete With Blood-Spraying Wood Chipper Is Getting To Know The Local Police

Scary Plane Crash

No major injuries were reported when a Boston-bound plane carrying more than 20 people struck a fence and erupted in flames while taking off at Houston Executive Airport.

Kanye West dons bizarre mask

Fisher-Price releases a modern-day version of its 1961 Chatter Telephone

1 dead, 2 injured as fans fall from stands during Phish concert

Tori Spelling Seen Livid Outside Lawyer’s Office amid Custody, Assets Talks