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Statt-us Update 10/19/21 – Today’s Headlines & More


The First-Ever Balloon World Cup Took Place

Guy Fieri Is Selling An Official Halloween Costume

Kanye West Officially Changes Legal Name to ‘Ye’

Colin Powell, Former Secretary of State, Dies of COVID at 84

Christmas Tree Manufacturer Warns of Supply Shortages and Price Increases

It could be a blue Christmas this year for artificial tree buyers. Wholesalers are warning high demand coupled with nationwide supply shortages are limiting stock and driving up retail prices ahead of the holiday season. “What we’re saying to consumers is act now, go out and buy today,” National Tree Company CEO Chris Butler said. “The peak week for buying Christmas trees is around that Thanksgiving time, and we think by that point the shelves might be quite empty.”

The National Tree Company is seeing “record” demand for seasonal décor as Americans plan to return to larger celebrations following the height of the COVID-19 pandemic. Demand however is being met with a constraint in supply containers coming from China dating back to early summer. “We’re suddenly scrambling to get containers along with every other importer of goods from China,” Butler said. “Not only we were unable to get all of the containers that we wanted to get, but also the prices have gone up tenfold.” Price increases will be passed onto the consumer with artificial tree costs expecting to rise 20%-30% this fall.

Seventy-five percent of U.S. households displayed a Christmas tree last year with 85% of those trees being artificial, according to the American Christmas Tree Association. The National Christmas Tree Company’s most popular trees are expected to cost between $200 and $300 this year.

GHOSTBUSTERS: AFTERLIFE: Trailer Unleashes Terror Dogs as Egon’s Past Is Uncovered

Bengals’ Lineman, Jackson Carman, Went to Eminem’s Restaurant and Got Sick During Game

Cincinnati Bengals offensive lineman Jackson Carman was activated from the COVID-19 reserve list last week in time to play in Sunday’s game against the Detroit Lions. He did not start and only played a limited role, however. That led many to speculate that he was feeling effects from the coronavirus, but Carman says there was another issue.

Mom’s Spaghetti.

Music icon Eminem recently opened a restaurant in Detroit called Mom’s Spaghetti. Carman took to Twitter on Saturday asking for recommendations on where to eat in the area. Apparently he settled on Eminem’s new joint and then got sick. He said after the game that he would not recommend eating there.

Disney Announces Major Marvel Release Date Shifts, Removes Several Superhero Films From the Schedule

Disney and Marvel are making major moves and it’s causing quite the chatter on social media.

The companies have moved several of their major upcoming release dates, and in addition, have completely removed some upcoming Marvel movies from the schedule all together.

Indiana Jones 5 is also delayed significantly.

Moves from 3/25/22 To 5/6/22

Moves from 5/6/22 to 7/8/22

Moves from 7/8/22 to 11/11/22

moves from 7/29/22 to 6/30/23

Moves from 7/14/23 and has been completely removed from the schedule.

Moves from 11/11/22 to 2/17/23

Moves from 2/17/23 to 7/28/23

Pumpkin Farm Kicks Out Woman Who Brought A Snake, She Threatens To Go To The Press Because It Only Said “No Dogs Allowed”

Here is her complaint:

“I am reaching out to you all regarding me and my family and friends being kicked out on Saturday for my son having his snake,” the woman said. “[I]t does not state anywhere that he cannot have his snake with him, the only thing that [sic] stated that there is [are] no dogs allowed …” The woman demanded a full refund, but the Great Pumpkin Farm explained that a full refund would not be possible but they would allow her to return with her old tickets.

Soccer Fans Celebrated So Hard The Stadium Collapsed

Guy Built a Human Slingshot for a Backyard Party