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STUDY: Horseback Riding Is the Most Dangerous Sport

Horseback riding is more dangerous than other sports including football, motorcycling, and even skiing, a new study warns. Perhaps surprisingly to many, there are more hospital admissions due to horse riding injuries than other challenging sports. Millions of Americans enjoy horseback riding, but it can be a risky sport, even for experienced riders. The study by researchers at the University of Texas Rio Grande Valley reveals that suffering a chest injury is the most common injury for riders. Data shows that injuries to the head and neck are the most lethal. To understand more about the dangers of the sport, researchers analyzed data on the injuries sustained by over 24,000 adults while horseback riding between 2007 and 2016. The data, supplied by the U.S. National Trauma Data Bank, shows the average age of those injured were men and women aged 47-years-old. The most common type of injury was injuries to the chest. Head injuries, as well as injuries to the arms and legs, were also common. Abdominal injuries were less likely to occur. Using a clinical scale to measure a patient’s level of consciousness after sustaining a brain injury, the team finds that 888 patients had suffered from severe neurological damage. While injuries were either categorized as mild or moderate in severity, most of the patients were monitored in the hospital while they recovered. More than a quarter were sent to intensive care for an average of four days. About one in ten of these patients required surgery and some even had to spend their stay in hospital strapped to a ventilator. Older horseback riders between ages 50 and 59 were more likely to be taken into trauma centers, while those between 30 and 39 were the least likely to be injured. Nearly three in five (57%) patients were discharged to recover at home without requiring any more help.

Sadly, 320 people died of their injuries during the study period. Researchers were able to confirm that the injuries to their necks and heads were the leading causes of death. The study concludes that riders with head and neck injuries were 44 times more likely to die than those with arm or leg injuries. Those with chest injuries were 6 times more likely to die.

Blood pressure at the time of hospitalization also played a role. The study finds that patients arriving to the ER with a systolic blood pressure of less than 90 mmHg, they were 23 times more likely to die than were patients with a higher reading.

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Sean Penn’s wife, Australian actress Leila George, has filed for divorce after just over one year of marriage.

George, 29, filed the dissolution in Los Angeles Superior Court on Friday, PEOPLE confirms.
Reps for Penn and George did not immediately respond to PEOPLE’s request for comment.
Penn, 61, and George tied the knot in July 2020, during an intimate ceremony with only a few loved ones present. Rumors of their nuptials started swirling when they were spotted wearing gold rings. Their friends later started congratulating them on Instagram before Penn confirmed the news.

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London, ENG — A nurse unsuccessfully sued the NHS after claiming she was being “experimented upon” at work causing her to fart against her will. Xandra Samson said hypnosis was being used on her at Ealing Hospital, London. Poor heating and ventilation at the acute medical unit altered her state of consciousness and allowed bosses to “control” employees, she claimed. She refused to cooperate with psychiatric help and was sacked in December 2019. At an employment tribunal, the former staff nurse said she was suffering from unwelcome “gastrointestinal disturbances” at work including flatulence. She self-diagnosed herself as being the target of “ideomotor phenomenon” – a little-known hypnotic concept which allegedly forces people to make movements unconsciously. She tried to sue the trust for unfair dismissal and disability discrimination but lost her case at Watford Employment Tribunal Centre. Employment Judge Oliver Hyams admitted the tribunal “had no idea what ideomotor phenomenon” was, ruling the trust did not discriminate against Miss Samson or unfairly dismiss her.

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