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Statt-us Update 10/16/20 – Today’s Headlines & More

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Beloved Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer and Santa puppets going up for auction

You Can Call The Phone at The Bly Manor

Anyone whos watched The Haunting of Bly Manor, have you tried calling the number in the ad to apply for the Nanny job??  It’s answered by Flora 👀

Ritz Made Taco Shaped Crackers

COVID-19 travel advisory a challenge for some Tri-State residents

UC postpones Saturday game against Tulsa due to COVID-19

Grandfather WON’T serve jail time after pleading guilty to negligent homicide for dropping 18-month-old granddaughter 150ft to her death from cruise ship window

Zamboni Driver Refused To Abandon Ship After The Machine Burst Into Flames

Dwyane Wade Photobombing A Marriage Proposal On The Beach

Little Toy Boat Found 27 Years After Launch


Lynn and Mike BeBeau were walking the beach in Wisconsin came across the tiny little boat while “admiring the fall foliage and taking in the sunset,” the couple told Michigan Live.

The couple found a path off the beach that led to a remote Apostle Islands beach on the shore of Lake Superior and found a small red, white, and blue boat washing up on the beach.


Posted by Lynn BeBeau on Thursday, October 8, 2020

Lynn did exactly what the message asked. She tossed the boat back into the water and contacted Lakewood Elementary School in Duluth, Minnesota. The school is roughly 100 miles west of the beach, according to Michigan Live.

School administrators told Lynn that the boat “started its journey 27 years earlier after a teacher read the award-winning children’s book ‘Paddle-to-the-Sea’ to her class.”

According to KBJR, teachers Bonnie Fritch and Brenda Schell each launched a wooden boat with their second-grade classes during a 1993 field trip to Brighton Beach, just north of Duluth.

Bonnie Fritch told the news outlet that this isn’t the first time someone stumbled upon the boat but the last discovery was years ago.

“Someone stumbled upon the red, white and blue ship farther up shore about a year after it launched, and put a second coat of varnish on the boat and relaunched it. I thought we wouldn’t hear any more about it. Amazing it is still out there.”

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