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Tom Brady Answers Question About Retirement Rumors After Loss To Rams

Sources with the Bucs and close to Brady all recognize the star quarterback remains noncommittal to playing beyond this season. Although Brady could decide to play again — he has talked about playing until he was 45, and even beyond — it is far from a given, sources told ESPN.

Brady’s departure is a topic that quietly has come up within the Tampa Bay organization for weeks now, and there has been internal uncertainty about what the future holds for the seven-time Super Bowl champion and all-time NFL passing leader.

Brady, 44, plans to take time after the season ends — a month or longer — to assess how he feels physically and mentally while also gauging his family’s desires, sources told ESPN.

Sources told ESPN that Brady is happy in Tampa, while team sources added that the Bucs are similarly content. Tampa Bay’s coaches and executives are unanimous in their desire to keep moving forward with Brady beyond this season, something they plan to convey to him when the season is over.

Brady Tweeted: “You win or you learn. There are no failures, only lessons. When you fall you need to pick yourself up with greater enthusiasm than you went down. Now we look back on an incredible season, learn our lessons, and get up… because even greater things are coming.”  #KeepGoing

Stand-up comic and actor Louie Anderson, Emmy-winning ‘Baskets’ star, dies at 68

Mechanic Totals $3.4M Ferrari After Smashing Into Tree Stump on Test Drive

Baarn, Netherlands — A mechanic totaled a $3.4 million Ferrari when he smashed into a tree stump on a test drive.

The bright red Enzo sports car, one of only 400 made, had two wheels ripped off and may be irreparable.

Local reports suggest a dealership mechanic was behind the wheel. He escaped unhurt but was taken to the hospital for a check-up.

A witness to Tuesday’s smash in Baarn, Netherlands, said: “I think he wanted to turn back to the dealership.”

They added: “The local Ferrari dealer is about one and a quarter miles away from the scene. It’s a customer-owned car.

“The weather conditions were damp and chilly, maybe 3 degrees in temperature.

“It hit a tree stump at the side of the road. It hit it on the passenger side and the stump was damaged.

Just 400 of the mid-engine dream cars left the Ferrari production line between 2002 and 2004.

Despite costing $609,921 at launch, Enzos have massively increased in value.

A 2003 Ferrari Enzo was sold in August 2021 by RM Sotheby’s for $3,360,000.

Pot Bust Made on Stoner Drive in Bakersfield

California Highway Patrol officers routinely make traffic stops and find marijuana or drugs.

Some days however, you can’t make these stories up.

Officers made a traffic enforcement stop on a sedan at the intersection of Stockdale Highway and Stoner Drive in Bakersfield.

Not only was the passenger seat covered in snacks and trash, but there was a strong smell of skunk.

They searched the car and found hundreds of pounds of processed pot.

The car was towed and driver arrested.